Aptean AXXOS OEE is a state-of-the-art production monitoring solution for single- and multi-plant manufacturers. Designed to provide a complete picture of your production effectiveness, this solution helps you identify the sources of loss, as well as areas for improvement. With a strong focus on production follow-up and optimisation, AXXOS OEE builds a solid foundation for your continuous improvement process.

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Optimise Production Efficiency

AXXOS OEE connects your equipment. Robust automatic data collection combined with effective tools for operator reporting builds up the consistent and reliable data you need to make intelligent operational decisions. Real-time visualisation along with timely distributed reports creates the awareness that helps you improve availability, performance, and quality output.

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Creating awareness

Unite everyone from the floor operators to the C-Suite in one common, accurate, and instantly accessible vision of machine performance at every level, from the individual machines to entire factories. Real-time production status, subscription-based reports, and mobile access to production data increase awareness across the factory resulting in improved productivity and more time for value-adding tasks. Built-in templates or customisations allow you to visualise machine performance in a way that best suits your business.  

Facts for well-founded decisions

By uniting objective automated metrics with expert operator observations, AXXOS produces a true picture of performance for informed management decision-making. With the help of intuitive BI tools for quick and easy analysis, you get a consolidated production overview with the ability to drill down into the details. Base your decisions on facts, not guesses.

Flexibility and mobility

With a strong mobile solution, you will have complete access to your data and production status wherever you have mobile data. Easily monitor production issues, status, and disturbances. Through the app, users can: 1) view live and historical trend data; 2) input information and report issues; 3) apply Andon functions to trigger alerts and escalate.

Operators in focus

AXXOS OEE puts the operator in focus, allowing him or her to report issues and utilise tools for operator maintenance and quality control, helping to bring operations and maintenance closer together.

The key to your future production

AXXOS OEE will help you to stay competitive by:

  • Improving availability, performance, and quality output with full OEE monitoring
  • Increasing awareness of production efficiency with real-time visualisation
  • Accessing and controlling factory performance on the go with mobile solutions
  • Optimising your improvement process with fact-based decisions
  • Securing and improving output and delivery precision

Our BI-enabled Analyze Module is an intuitive, interactive technology that comes pre-loaded with all the analytical tools you need for both real-time and historical/retroactive trends analysis, informed by more than 20 years of experience in over 400 OEE installations. Analyze reveals how KPIs move over time, and why, in a matter of minutes, and can produce interactive reports for management in seconds.

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Industries Served

AXXOS OEE is an ideal fit for discrete and process manufacturers in the industrial manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, metalworking, metal processing, chemical, wood, and pulp and paper industries. It can be deployed seamlessly at single sites or across multi-plant enterprises.

Discrete Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing


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Medical Devices Manufacturing

Computers and Electronics

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