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Ready for Efficient Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

The emergence of, and rapid shift towards, direct-to-consumer (DTC) fulfillment adds new complexity to your operation. We're ready to help you master these challenges, today.

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Automate Processes

To Maximize Efficiency

Manage Volume

Order volume can overpower the human capacity needed to manage it. That's where an ERP with integrated EDI functionality helps. Easily share necessary order information (addresses, items, quantity) with customers, automate the process of managing volume and eliminate the risk of human error from manual order entry—allowing your staff to focus on fulfilling orders efficiently.

Streamline Warehouse Processes

With ERP automation, the paper "pick sheet" process can be eliminated, along with the many repeat trips to the same location. You can streamline the entire process and pull orders as they arrive with automated ERP bulk pulling capabilities. Our ERP solution can generate pick instructions for any new DTC order with inventory allocated to it at any interval you choose.

Meet Retailer Requirements

Distributors face the challenge of customizing packing slips for each retailer on individual orders—a difficult, inefficient process that is often incompatible with existing systems. Proper labeling, branding and packing are more efficient and less likely to produce mistakes or inconsistencies with an ERP integrated with a small parcel shipping system.

Rise to the New Challenges of DTC

Consumer goods distributors must adapt to an entirely new way of operating. From boxing and labeling to ensuring on-time, every-time residential delivery, you're facing a host of new challenges when it comes to direct-to-consumer (DTC) fulfillment.

Selecting the right technology can change the game. It enables you to manage the complexity and volume that DTC often brings. Our consumer goods ERP can help your business master these challenges. Find out how, now.

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Change Isn't Coming. It's Already Arrived. Now, It's Time to Adapt.

The sustained growth of DTC means digital transformation is non-negotiable to keep up with demand. The shift in the buying process requires a change in the fulfillment process. And it starts with ensuring you have the tools necessary to manage and ship high volumes of small parcels efficiently and accurately.

Our Distribution ERP is designed for the consumer goods importing industry. For you. To help your business tackle the challenges associated with transitioning to DTC. And, as new consumer goods and retail trends emerge in the future, to help you ensure you're Ready for What's Next, Now®.

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Other capabilities of our

distribution software

that you'll love

We know your industry inside out. Which is why we’ve designed distribution software with the capabilities to solve your specific challenges—ensuring you're Ready for What's Next, Now®.

Warehouse Management

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Warehouse Management

The challenge

Optimising your warehouse with inefficient processes is nearly impossible and often leads to poor order management and disorganisation—impacting productivity and costs.

The solution

Imagine life without those challenges. Our ERP has integrated WMS capabilities—making that dream of automated and streamlined warehouse operations a reality.

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Retailer Compliance

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Retailer Compliance

The challenge

Whether it’s complying with on-time, in-full requirements, managing chargebacks or delivering the right product mix at the right time, retailer compliance has many challenges.

The solution

That’s why our solution enables you to seamlessly meet current and emerging compliance requirements as well as track and manage both chargebacks and EDI fees.

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Forecasting and Inventory Management

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Forecasting and Inventory Management

The challenge

Without accurate forecasting, you risk being too lean in your inventory and unable to fulfil orders or facing an overstuffed warehouse with a shelf space headache.

The solution

Our ERP takes away all this hassle. By replacing error-prone manual processes with automated tracking, you can accurately forecast demand– both for today and the future.

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Start transforming your DTC operation today

If you’re ready to take your distribution business to the next level, we’d love to help.


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