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Aptean CRM - Calling Queue

Aptean CRM - Calling Queue


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Aptean CRM - Calling Queue

4 Mar 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Keep Your Agents Organized and Your Customers Satisfied
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If there’s one thing a Contact Center desperately needs, it’s organization. Aptean CRM’s calling queue solution allows you to generate a queue of calls and distribute calls based on agent availability and skill set. You can keep your agents organized and focused on doing their job, while minimizing down time and eliminating inefficiencies like duplicate calling.

  • Eliminate Inefficiencies. Nobody likes to be called twice for the same reason. An efficient calling queue helps eliminate the risk of duplicate calling, giving your agents the ability to call the right people for the right reasons.

  • Keep Customers Conversing. Our calling queue creates a hub of customer information that’s organized and detailed, ensuring scheduled calls go to the next available agent. You can also easily transfer customers to more relevant agents, keeping the calls flowing.

  • Leave Down Time in the Dust. You shouldn’t have to worry about unsatisfied customers due to a clustered calling queue. Our software lets you adjust the number of reps working in a queue according to the volume of calls scheduled.

Take Contact Center Productivity to a New Level

Call Routing

Using calling queues, you’re able to field incoming customer calls to the next available contact center rep based on a set of predefined criteria, ensuring your incoming call hub is orderly and the waiting experience for your customers isn’t a burden.

Minimize Duplicate Calls

Creating a queue of scheduled telephone calls is streamlined and simple. Distribute calls one at a time from agent to agent with ease, minimizing any downtime between customer and prospect conversations, and helping eliminate the risk of duplicate cold calls.

Less Time Searching, More Time Talking

Create a schedule of phone numbers for call center agents to call, reducing the need for endless, unnecessary contact searches. Your reps will have more time to make scheduled calls and converse with key prospects and customers within the CRM application.

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