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Aptean EAM, API PRO Edition - Calibration

Aptean EAM, API PRO Edition - Calibration


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Aptean EAM, API PRO Edition - Calibration

24 May 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Maintenance and Calibration Solution Compliant With Regulations
Automatic food packing machine for industrial operations

Maintain Accuracy of Equipment and Instruments With Aptean EAM Calibration

Aptean EAM API PRO Edition Calibration is a combined maintenance and calibration management solution for industrial operations with the need to be compliant with FDA regulations or just to keep high quality and safety standard. The solution is developed in close cooperation with customers within food and pharmaceutical industries.

Calibration Management

The calibration solution is designed to control calibration of maintenance objects and fulfill the requirements of FDA with general features like full audit trail and electronic signature. Aptean EAM Calibration combines ease of use with extensive features and flexibility. It allows users to automate, coordinate, record, view, edit and store all the information necessary for documentation of the calibration process and the measurement results. The Aptean EAM calibration module is highly configurable and supports features like:

  • Multi-level approval of calibrations

  • Electronic signature

  • Calibration according to reference equipment

  • Intervals based on calendar time or counter values

  • Plan calibration activities and maintenance work orders in same overview

  • Warning when calibration measurements are out of range

  • Extensive calibration reporting capabilities

  • And much more

The calibration history includes trend analyses for measurement results and even performance analyses to show to what extend the calibration activities are performed on time, too early or too late. The system can store calibration certificates provided by external companies and offers easy access to all calibration certificates.

Maintenance Management

The Aptean EAM calibration module is closely linked to the general maintenance features and can be used as stand-alone maintenance solution for calibration objects or a complete maintenance solution for the whole maintenance process of any industrial operations.

Focus on Data Integrity

The food and pharmaceutical industries have high demands for data integrity and require full documentation of equipment maintenance and calibration activities. Maintaining a high-quality level and safety during all phases of manufacturing is a necessity. The Aptean EAM Calibration provides users with the tools needed to secure this quality and ensure the data integrity.

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