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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE - Mobile

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE - Mobile


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE - Mobile

8 Apr 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Puts the Factory at Your Fingertips
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Aptean OEE Mobile is setting a new standard for production monitoring, bringing the power of Aptean OEE into mobile phones and tablets. Get the full picture and free up more time for value-generating improvement activities.


  • See overall production status

  • Alerts in the event of downtime with Aptean OEE Andon

  • See current order status

  • Coding of downtime

  • Display of reported stops with comments

  • Photos and notes related to downtime

  • Support for operator maintenance

Better Reporting, Greater Efficiency

Having the OEE system constantly at your fingertips makes it easier to keep an eye on the production status. It also simplifies the important task of reporting incidents. The app is specifically designed to enable effective reporting of stop causes. It is also very easy to add notes that provide extra information when needed.

With the built-in camera of the mobile device you can easily document the reason for disturbances and attach images to the report. This is valuable information for efficient repair and improvement work. Both for measures undertaken by your own personnel and when you need to communicate with suppliers.

Total Control, Total Freedom

The daily routines call for freedom and flexibility. You can’t always be on site, due to meetings or travel. Aptean OEE Mobile puts the factory at your fingertips and gives you a complete overview of production, no matter where you are.

Even when you are at the plant there are many advantages to a wireless production monitoring system. Operators and supervisors can move freely and still keep an eye on each connected machine.

In Aptean OEE Mobile you can easily set up notifications that alert about any disturbances if you have added Aptean OEE Andon. This new-found freedom of movement means that your staff always can be where they are most needed – yet quickly be on-site if production stops.

Greater Focus on Improvement

Aptean OEE Mobile maximizes your opportunities to focus on vital improvement work. Quick and simple reporting leads to better quality of decision data. A larger number of co-workers with the possibility to follow the production status from their mobile devices, leads to an increased focus on the improvement process and to a higher degree of involvement. A good start on the journey towards continuously improving efficiency.

Portable and Cost-effective

Aptean OEE Mobile makes many of the features of Aptean OEE accessible from ordinary smart phones and tablets. They are small and agile devices that cost considerably less than stationary computers for industrial environments.

Aptean OEE Mobile encourages a flexible way of working, where operators with good overview can monitor and manage a larger number of machines. The reporting of a stop-cause or a performed maintenance task at one machine, is easily handled while moving on to the next.

With Aptean OEE Mobile the awareness of production performance, disturbances and the actions taken increases in your team. Less time is needed for hand-over and reporting. This frees up time for analysis and improvement work that generate value.


  • Real-time production status

  • Notification to relevant team members with Aptean OEE Andon

  • Faster and easier reporting

  • Increased focus on monitoring

  • Mobility frees up human resources

  • Reduced hardware costs

  • Saved space and installation time


  • Smartphones and tablets

  • iOS (iPhone)

  • Android

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