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Food and Beverage Manufacturing Technical Software


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Food and Beverage Manufacturing Technical Software

1 Feb 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Software To Transform Your Recipe Management and New Product Development
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To grow your food business requires a class-leading approach to managing your recipes, which most ERP software or business systems neglect to offer. Not so with Aptean UnityF8 ERP.

This specialist food and drink manufacturing ERP software includes a Technical Hub to accurately manage your New Product Development, formulations, product specifications and traceability. Stop resorting to excessive manual administration or multiple software systems: download our brochure below.

Enhances your Recipe Management

Accurately maintain your recipe database with control of variances and wastage, certification, sustainability and traceability – plus guided instructions for every processing stage.

Speeds Up New Product Development

Get your new products to market faster with full control of NPD briefs from start to finish, including a searchable NPD database of development recipes, costings, revisions and sample requests.

Strengthens your Quality Control

Easily comply with the highest quality standards thanks to full management of quality tests, certificates of analysis, quarantined stock and incident workflows.

Controls Product Specifications to Eliminate Errors

Confidently manage your product specifications from raw material to finished product, including change control, labelling and specialist needs (e.g. gluten-free or Halal).

Delivers Two-way Traceability at Every Stage

Protect your business with two-way traceability for instant ‘to/from’ enquiries at every level. Pass your audits more quickly and confidently, whether BRC, EFSIS or HACCP.

Control your Recipe Management and Food Costing

When your departments each keep their own view of the ‘true version’ of a recipe, caused by using disconnected records, it’s unavoidable that ad-hoc recipe changes are not captured and errors are made using out-of-date information. That’s why Aptean UnityF8 ERP gives your whole food or beverage business one central location to develop and control your recipes and their costings:

  • Maintains your recipe database with a full record of revisions, multiple versions and effective dates

  • Reports on variances and wastage to control costs

  • Tracks allergens, organic certifications, sustainability and traceability

  • Easily builds costing structures with material, machine and labour costs to speed up quotations

  • Maintains instructions for processing stages

  • Records new product development briefs and manages development recipes/sample requests

  • Manages all aspects of quality control testing within the system

  • Provides your customers with visibility of finished product specification via EDI

  • Maintains a full record of your product specifications, from raw material to finished product

  • Controls two-way traceability enquiries along your supply chain, production and delivery stages

Ensure Quality Control You Can Rely On

Are you relying on manual efforts to meet BRC, EFSIS and HACCP demands? Mistakes in these areas lead to a high volume of returns. It’s time to give your business smarter quality controls with Aptean UnityF8 ERP:

  • Manages all areas of quality control tests including tracking quality control samples and testing status

  • Supports recording of configurable tests with acceptable parameters, records retests, results and reasons for failure

  • Stock control alerts staff when goods are outside of specifications, ensures only passed goods are released by pallet or lot

  • Integrates with non-conformant management system providing customisable workflows triggered by incident type

Maximise Your New Product Development for Faster, Profitable Releases

It is typical for New Product Development to be disjointed from materials, sign-off and release in businesses running multiple systems. Aptean UnityF8 ERP takes a fully integrated approach which overcomes the common challenges such as the struggle to forecast the profitability of products, or the common delay in the release of products.

  • Takes control of development with a full revision history; takes live data for costing, removes need to rekey the data

  • Records New Product Development briefs and manages approval processes

  • Controls your project with procedural templates

  • Documents processes by producing datasheets, labels and letters and tracks sample requests from the customer

  • Controls margins: Aptean UnityF8 ERP supports target pricing and margins

All-in-One Software for Food Makers

Aptean UnityF8 ERP is our complete software suite for fast growing food and drink manufacturers. You receive everything you need to optimise your recipe development, production, supply chain, accounting and customer service. Plus you benefit from a partnership with Aptean, the UK’s food industry ERP specialist for 30 years.

Want to find out how Aptean UnityF8 ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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