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Manufacturing Software With Product Configurator for Smarter Sales, Commerce and ERP


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Manufacturing Software With Product Configurator for Smarter Sales, Commerce and ERP

14 Feb 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Software To Boost Profits in Your Manufacturing Sales
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Want to streamline how you manage complex quotations, pricing, order management, sales channels or CRM activities - all within our easy-to-use system? Aptean Unity ERP is the answer.

Grow your sales in manufacturing or engineering without the frustrations caused by using outdated or disconnected in-house systems.

Aptean Unity ERP is a new generation of software for manufacturing enterprise optimisation (MEO). This delivers performance beyond the reach of traditional MRP or ERP systems.

Accurately Build Fast Quotations for Make-to-Order Products

Deliver a personalised sales process that protects your profit margins, via our rule-based product configurator for custom and bespoke products.

Integrated CRM Boosts Conversions of Quote to Order

Remove sales order delays with ‘one click’ conversion from quotation, plus guide your quotation follow-up process to ensure maximum sales.

Support Customers Across Mobile Sales Apps, Portals, Warranties

Extend your sales and customer service with smartphone/tablet mobile apps for field sales representatives and online customer portals.

Proven ERP/MRP Software by the UK Specialists

Aptean Unity ERP is a referenceable long-term ERP/MRP system, written and supported by Aptean, one of UK manufacturing’s most established software specialists.

Make Your Quotations Quicker and Sales More Profitable

If your company offers products that are custom-made, configurable, or have optional features, your sales process is where profit margins are put at risk if quotations are inaccurate. Aptean Unity ERP protects your margins and quality of service through rule-based controls you define:

  • Rapidly builds quotations with Product Configurator

  • Directs the sales process to avoid mistakes with Features and Options

  • Reveals accurate order dates with Available to Promise (ATP)

  • Provides flexible order processing and accurate history for Estimates & Quotations

  • Manages frequent schedule changes with Order Scheduling

  • Supports your tailored pricing strategies with Pricing and Promotions

  • Guides your Sales Projects to focus time on outcomes, not administration

  • Controls the payment plan of customer orders with Stage Payments

Improve Your Service Across Mobile Apps, Customer Portals, Warranties and Returns

You can’t leave great customer service to chance so Aptean Unity ERP helps to unify your interactions with customers across site visits and online, while also managing warranty issues and returns.

  • Puts online self-service at your customers’ fingertips with Web Portals

  • Supports high quality customer service with Warranty and Service controls

  • Ensures excellent customer experiences with Returns and Complaints

  • Enhances your field staff’s sales and service capabilities with Mobile Apps

Drives Sales via Leads, Marketing Campaigns and Order History With CRM

Your Customer Relationship Management is too important to not follow defined, integrated processes. Aptean Unity ERP’s CRM capabilities support your sales team’s success with contact management, rapid enquiry handling, buying pattern reports and guided sales calls:

  • Controls lead progression from across your sales channels

  • Measures marketing performance with Campaign Management

  • Speeds up handling of enquiries while reducing mistakes

  • Gives a unified view of the customer with Order History

  • Informs sales opportunities with Buying Patterns

  • Drives effective calling with Task Management

  • Guides call chasing / quote follow-up to maximise results

Use Microsoft Office? Check Out Our Office Integration App for Excel, Word and Outlook

To aid smarter working, we integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office software to allow smarter use of up-to-date data in all of your tasks.

Want to view a customer's order history alongside their email within Outlook? Or want to instantly refresh your spreadsheet with current ERP data, without leaving Excel? No problem: it's all possible with your Aptean Unity ERP system.

Deliver Quality Sales Service and Manufacturing in One System

Remove the problems restricting your manufacturing growth today: Aptean Unity ERP easily controls your complex quotations and sales orders, CRM and mobile field sales. Boost your productivity and sales in partnership with Aptean, the UK’s specialist ERP software company for advanced manufacturers.

Want to find out how Aptean Unity ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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