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Manufacturing Software for Agile Accounting, HR and ERP Management


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Manufacturing Software for Agile Accounting, HR and ERP Management

11 Feb 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Software for True Financial Control of Your Manufacturing SME
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To grow your manufacturing or engineering business requires you to have reporting and financial controls that outdated or disconnected IT systems struggle to provide. Aptean Unity ERP software empowers you with modern management reporting tools and control of workflows, plus HR and T&A capabilities, to accurately manage all elements of your performance in and out of your factory.

Enables Your Managers To Make Faster, Cost Saving Decisions

Aid your managers with the real-time alerts, information and visibility to optimise your operations at every level. Includes online and mobile reporting, on tablet or smartphone.

Reveals True Sales, Supply Chain and Factory Performance

Achieve accurate sales analysis that reveals your true profitability, even for complex products or business structures. Accurately monitor your supply chain performance and factory costs, all within one system.

Keeps Your Cash in View at Every Stage in Your Business

Reduce your exposure to credit risks and debts: Aptean Unity ERP gives you integrated visibility and controls that aren’t achievable if using separate accounting, sales and supply chain systems.

Enhance Your Multi-Site, Multi-Company Operations

Optimise how you use resources across multiple sites or easily manage complex company structures: Aptean Unity ERP comes complete with the integrated management tools and ledgers you need.

Effortless Control With Management Information System (MIS) And Workflow Tools

When you rely on multiple data sources to monitor your operations and cashflow, your bottom line is at risk from inaccurate or out-of-date information. Similarly if you manually govern procedures to achieve industry standards, human error is unavoidable. Even double-checks aren’t guarantees and add extra cost and delays. Protect your business with the reporting and task workflow tools of Aptean Unity ERP:

  • Powers instant visibility with Real-Time Data Capture

  • Delivers intuitive, web-based and mobile friendly Management Reporting

  • Drives smarter operational decisions with Business Intelligence

  • Puts your most important metrics and tasks at your fingertips with Dashboards

  • Ensures easy automation and control of procedures with Task Management

  • Drives smarter responses and automated actions using Workflow Triggers and Alerts

Protect Your Security With Access and Audit Control

It’s important that you have control of what information, tasks or locations staff have permission for. Yet too often manual or outdated systems leave you exposed. The security controls of Aptean Unity ERP ensure that staff permissions are tightly defined yet flexible enough to ensure productive working and collaboration.

  • Controls who sees what without limiting their role via User Security

  • Maintains full traceability with Auditable Records

  • Improves role/individual productivity with Customisable Menus

  • Controls/logs staff and visitor site access, including Time and Attendance and fire safety

  • Easily meets latest ISO and supplier audit standards, e.g. ISO 20071

Streamline the Administration of Personnel With Human Resources Tools

Managing your people is as important as managing your products, and requires the same traceability to protect your business. The Human Resources functions of Aptean Unity ERP support your management of personnel without needing to resort to extra administration systems.

  • Maintains accurate staff training histories with Training Records

  • Streamlines recruitment and salary management

  • Protects you with Discipline and Grievance controls

  • Integrates with online HR app and T&A controls from Tensor

Succeed With Real-time Finance and Accounting

With real-time control of your cash position from Aptean Unity ERP’s integrated financial suite, you eradicate the errors of working multiple systems.

  • Multi-Divisional/Company and Multi-Currency

  • Integrated General Ledger, Sales Ledger (inc. stage payments), Purchase Ledger, Fixed Assets Ledger, BACS

  • Budgets and Forecasts, Debitors and Creditors Management, Statistical Reporting Tree, Cashflow Reporting

  • Cashbook / Bank Reconciliation

  • Wages and Salaries (payroll) inc. Auto Enrolment and online RTI functionality for HMRC

Achieve Profitable World-class Manufacturing in One System

From controlling product profit margins to managing HR and accounts, our Aptean Unity ERP software helps you eliminate the growth problems that commonly hinder manufacturers with multiple internal systems. Discover how to boost your agility and bottom line with Aptean, the UK’s specialist ERP/MRP software company.

Want to find out how Aptean Unity ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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