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Small Business Manufacturing ERP/MRP Software


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Small Business Manufacturing ERP/MRP Software

19 Feb 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Software To Help Smaller Manufacturers Work Smarter, Grow Faster
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Drowning in spreadsheets as you try to manage increasing production in your small manufacturing business? Here’s the easy way to boost your capacity and growth: presenting our all-in-one UnityExpress ERP/MRP software for smaller manufacturers. Let this affordable system streamline your efforts across quotations, production, stock management, document management, accounting and reporting.

ERP/MRP Software for Smaller Manufacturers

Eradicate your bottlenecks and blindspots caused by working across multiple systems: work faster and smarter because you don’t need to retype data to take action.

Streamlines Production, Quotations and Sales

Speed up your key business processes with our integrated tools for quotations, production planning and sales (including rental).

Optimises Stock Usage and Purchasing for Smarter Spending

Take the guesswork and expense out of stockholding with UnityExpress’s MRP features which help you optimise inventory and procurement.

Integrates CRM and Finance for All-in-one Control

Get clear control of customer relationships and cashflow by seeing all your business information centralised and visible, in real-time, within one easy-to-use system.

Streamline Your Quotations and Sales Processes

If you find it time-consuming to generate quotations, difficult to calculate lead times and hard to estimate labour costs, achieving a profit or on-time delivery becomes a lottery. UnityExpress eliminates these problems for you.

  • Quickly creates quotations which you can customise

  • Calculates lead times and auto-assigns routes without delay

  • Speeds up ad-hoc builds for a kit or product or adapting existing Bill of Materials

  • Allocates activities to hit deadlines with Sales Line Activity Guidance controls

  • Protects your margins by calculating Labour Costs

  • Reveals product availability from current stock with Trial Kitting

  • Controls Rentals easily by tracking stock and automating billing schedules

Smarter Control of Buying, Production Scheduling and Costs

When you have no real-time link between the factory floor and sales demand, production plans and purchasing rely on meetings not processes and timely opportunities are missed. UnityExpress solves these challenges for you.

  • Eliminates shortages by informing buyers of likely requirements for materials and components

  • Aids efficient production scheduling with graphical tool to allocate jobs to people, benches, teams or machines

  • Tracks your labour costs with Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) functions to accurately log when jobs start and stop

  • Improves stock control of bar/timber/2D cutting with length tracking

Profit From a Single View of Your Accounts, Sales and CRM

Customer Relationship Management:

The common CRM challenge in small manufacturing businesses is that customer information is held across multiple systems. You have no easy view of customer sales activity or accurate sales pipeline. UnityExpress solves this:

  • Tracks your sales pipeline, from enquiry to order

  • Gives the visibility and tools to manage customers and prospects in one place

  • Reveals customer sales history in accurate sales reports

  • Tracks your marketing campaigns' impact on sales

Integrated Accounting:

You may know the frustration of having an accounting system that is separate to the rest of your business. It causes profit-damaging blindspots and duplication. Switching over to UnityExpress is easy:

  • Gives complete control of your business's cash at every stage. UnityExpress provides integrated ledgers, VAT returns, bank reconciliation and management accounts.

  • Reveals customer sales history with enhanced reports. So easy to use that any staff familiar with accounting systems will be comfortable with UnityExpress in a matter of hours.

Improve Your Stock Control and Purchasing to Enhance Cashflow

In your small manufacturing/assembly business, you may lack visibility of stock movements, or you often overstock on items due to incorrect purchasing. Perhaps maintaining traceability of stock causes you headaches. UnityExpress is the solution to your issues.

  • Tracks your stock levels and movements with Inventory Management

  • Protects you with full traceability at every stage from goods in to despatch

  • Optimises purchasing requirements to meet your sales demands or stockholding preferences

Enjoy Faster Growth, Less Paperwork in Your Manufacturing

If you’re outgrowing what you can manage on accounting software, spreadsheets or disjointed systems, let our UnityExpress ERP/MRP software for smaller manufacturers put you on the fast track. Ready to scale up your production, sales and profitability?

Want to find out how Aptean Unity ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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