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Manufacturing Software for Smart Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management and Purchasing


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Manufacturing Software for Smart Supply Chain Management, Vendor Management and Purchasing

15 Feb 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Software to Optimise Your Control of Your Manufacturing Supply Chain
Business professionals talking in an industrial manufacturing warehouse

As your company grows so do your supply chain management requirements - but has your manufacturing software or MRP system kept up?

Discover how Aptean Unity ERP software boosts the performance of your procurement, vendors, subcontractors, carriers, vehicle fleets and more.

As a new generation of software for manufacturing enterprise optimisation, Aptean Unity ERP is far more powerful than traditional MRP or ERP systems.

Delivers Profit-enhancing Performance From Your Supply Chain

Monitors vendor performance, suggests smart purchasing schedules and streamlines subcontracting to enhance your profits and speed of service.

Ensures Responsive Procurement To Meet Changing Daily Demands

Shortens lead times and supports Just in Time manufacturing with lean buying rules, integrated with Materials Requirements Planning, and control of preferred suppliers.

Effortlessly Controls Your Supply Chain’s Efficiency and Complexity

Delivers full traceability and controls for using preferred suppliers and alternate vendors. Also integrates supplier web portals and carriers/couriers for faster service.

All-in-One Manufacturing and Supply Chain ERP Software

Exclusive software for medium-to-large UK manufacturers, Aptean Unity ERP/MRP is proven to deliver long-term value via its modular design.

Optimise Performance With Vendor Management

Involving suppliers in your manufacturing requires smart reporting processes to maintain the levels of control and performance you strive for. Aptean Unity ERP streamlines your transactions with suppliers to minimise delays, mistakes and optimise your use of third parties and subcontractors.

  • Reveals supplier issues with Vendor Performance

  • Supports effective buying with Preferred Suppliers and Alternative Suppliers

  • Ensures informed purchasing with Vendor Schedules

  • Certificates follow stock for robust record-keeping

  • Gives end-to-end management with Subcontract Control

Scale Your Operation With Our Extended Supply Chain Capabilities

Today you have opportunities to extend your service to customers, to add revenue, by advancing your part in the supply chain through technology. Aptean Unity ERP provides the technology support you need to achieve this, through one integrated platform:

  • Maximises your delivery capacity with Vehicle/Container Loading

  • Supports customer/supplier stockholding with Consignment Stock

  • Ensures swift deliveries with Carrier Integration and Optimisation

  • Enriches supplier performance and relationships with Supplier Portals

Consolidate Your Spending With Purchase and Procurement Controls

Procurement is your chance to reduce sourcing costs and lead times for your primary materials and consumables, if it is informed by real-time knowledge of business demands. Aptean Unity ERP consolidates purchasing and enforces effective buying policies while controlling non-compliance.

  • Controls Lead Times to enable Just In Time delivery and manufacture

  • Improves purchase efficiency with Buying Rules

  • Maintains your Material Traceability without limits (or effort)

  • Maintains effective buying with Purchase Optimisation

  • Optimises spending with Mix and Match pricing

  • Achieves your priorities with Proactive and Reactive Purchasing options

  • Holds multiple delivery dates with Blanket Orders

Smarter Traceability With Document Management

Enjoy the hassle-free storage and retrieval of documents by centralising your document storage through Aptean Unity ERP. Supports document process management and scan stations to capture all of your documentation.

  • Attaches records to relevant transactions, e.g. Certificates of Conformance, order acknowledgments, statements

  • Imports and indexes PODs (Proof of Delivery)

  • Version controlled Document Library, with MS Office integration

Accelerate Your Factory With Agile Supply Chain Management. See How With Aptean Unity ERP

Accelerate your production with supply chain controls that don’t let you down: replace struggling systems with Aptean Unity ERP, the all-in-one answer for fast-growing manufacturing SMEs. Discover why 100s of UK manufacturers now choose Aptean as a partner for business growth.

Want to find out how Aptean Unity ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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