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The New Decade Brings Renewed Excitement at Aptean

The New Decade Brings Renewed Excitement at Aptean


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The New Decade Brings Renewed Excitement at Aptean

24 Jan 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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A new decade brings a new sense of excitement and enthusiasm for Aptean.

That was never more apparent than at our annual sales kickoff (SKO) event in Atlanta last week. It was a welcome opportunity for Aptean employees to meet with overseas colleagues and put faces to the names that regularly fill our inboxes.

The three-day event featured keynote sessions from our executive team, product roadmaps and updates from our product leaders, and breakout sessions for specific roles and product focuses. Chief Executive Officer TVN Reddy spoke of our strategy and direction for 2020 with a keen focus on ensuring customer satisfaction.

With it being a sales kickoff, naturally there was an emphasis on sales—sales strategy, sales success stories, sales technique and sales training. Reddy highlighted new and innovative features for our products, the importance of a customer-first mentality, the significance of building an exceptional team and our Software as a Service (SaaS) expansion goals. As our company continues to grow, our focus will remain on developing innovative, industry-tailored technology solutions to further serve and support our customers.

Two new members of our executive team, Chief Marketing Officer Nicole O’Rourke and Chief Revenue Officer Bob Kocis, formally introduced themselves to the company and gave updates on marketing and sales. The pair spoke about results from 2019, strategy for 2020 and how we can work together to achieve this year’s ambitious goals.

Brad Debold, our senior vice president of corporate development, shared bits of his acquisition strategy and some of his more memorable travel stories, while Jenny Peng, our chief technology officer, talked about growing our core and our commitment to the cloud. She couldn’t hide her enthusiasm for the future of the technology sector—AI and robotics included. Peng emphasized that as an organization, we want to innovate faster in a relevant way for our customers, further improving the time to value in the solutions our customers use.

Allison Fellner, our chief human resources officer, led a session focused on building amazing teams to help ensure we’re achieving our corporate goals and providing exceptional customer experiences. 2020 will be a year where Aptean employees will have more training and better access to modern tools to more easily support our customers.

Chief Operating Officer Alan Somerville spoke about our commitment to providing operational excellence across our organization and aligning our functions globally.

aptean sko 2020

We work hard, but we also play hard. Evening events included a tailgate party to watch the College Football Playoff National Championship game, won by the Louisiana State Tigers, and a talent show we dubbed “Aptean’s Got Talent.” We were blown away by the hidden talents of coworkers and colleagues. Between the stand-up comedy, dancing, guitar-playing, singing and piano-playing, it was tough to select a winner. The final evening of kickoff involved well-deserved awards for our sales team members who had exceptional 2019s, topped off with a delicious meal and a very crowded dance floor.

It’s hard to call SKO 2020 anything other than a smashing success.

More than the team bonding, the new launches, and the breakouts, SKO was a gentle reminder that you - our customer - are why we do what we do. Whether you’re at the beginning stages of your software buying journey or a long-time user, we’re here to support you in your goals, whatever they may be. With a renewed vigor in this new decade, we want to make sure your journey with Aptean is painless, seamless and ripe with success.

We want to do all the work on the backend, so you can focus on cultivating your business on the frontend. We want to say thank you for being a part of Aptean, and we look forward to a bright and successful 2020.

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