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Are Your Unresolved IT Resolutions Keeping You Up at Night?

Are Your Unresolved IT Resolutions Keeping You Up at Night?

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Are Your Unresolved IT Resolutions Keeping You Up at Night?

26 Mar 2021

Daniel Erickson
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If work worries are playing on your mind, you’re not alone. More than 40% of professionals lose sleep because they can’t stop thinking about business matters – and that figure’s likely to have gone up in the past 12 months.

In complex environments like process manufacturing, there’s a lot to keep you awake. Are you running your operations profitably? Can you work quicker and more flexibly, without losing accuracy? How can you enhance communications when your workforce is spread across multiple sites and locations?

Many of these worries can be solved with the right technology – but it starts from the ground up. Or, should we say, the sky down. Because cloud software is one of the quickest and simplest ways to ease your company’s IT worries.

There has been much discussion about which is better - on-prem vs cloud software - but when it comes to ERP moving from on-premise technology to a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach will liberate your IT department and make it easier to navigate the complexities of process manufacturing.

Here are a few examples of how life becomes simpler when you implement a SaaS enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. 

You Get Instant Access To Accurate Information - From Anywhere

The coronavirus pandemic changed process manufacturing as we know it, on many levels. One of the biggest shifts was remote working; we now have a hybrid model, where people on the factory floor are supported by managerial and front-office staff working from home.

Cloud ERP is the most effective way to connect people across multiple locations, ensuring that everyone has access to the same, accurate data.

Many process manufacturers operate in tightly regulated industries – where you can’t risk employees making decisions based on outdated information. One small miscalculation can ruin the product recipe or formula, leading to a bulk batch of product going to waste.

By investing in cloud ERP software, your entire team can access the same system, wherever they are, to view real-time operational data. This reliable, virtual connection gives everyone the insights they need to do their job effectively, even if they’re working in disparate places.

And if you choose an ERP system developed specifically for process manufacturing, there will be cloud-based functionality that strengthens your working capabilities – for example, access to recipe management functionality and production notes, for greater accuracy in the intricate blending and mixing process.

You Have Complete Information Security

Even before 2020’s disruption, process manufacturing was on a path toward digital transformation. The global pandemic simply underlined the need for greater connection and integration. But with new functionality comes new risk – and with more people working from home, your operational systems become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Cloud ERP offers your business greater IT security as you move data and processes online. Not only can you track ingredients through the supply chain and manage quality control processes; you channel sensitive product information through one remote system, to ensure that data is compliant and fully protected.

A market-leading cloud ERP solution will automatically provide security standards, updates and anti-virus tools, protecting your organization from emerging cyber security threats. Meanwhile, permission-based user logins and data recovery capabilities will keep business information safe, with redundancy backups in place to minimize damage if something does go wrong.

You've Got a Scalable Platform for Business Growth

What work worries keep you awake at night will depend on your role. While technical and operational staff might stress over how your business runs today, C-level leaders will be fretting over the future.

Cloud ERP does far more than connect your process manufacturing business to improve current performance; it creates a platform for scalable growth.

By moving key data and operations into the cloud, you never have to worry about outgrowing on-premise servers or infrastructure. Your organization has the freedom to add new functionality or users at any points – enabling you to expand your horizons and add new locations at any point.

Not only does this mean you can scale at speed; it also ensures that everybody gets access to the same real-time information. So you can deliver consistent product quality, increasing customer trust in your brand.

Flexible Functionality for Unlimited Growth

After the disruption of COVID-19, many process manufacturers realize that the need to update systems and processes is now urgent, but don’t know where to start. Cloud-based software offers your business both immediate value and technical longevity, to be sure new IT delivers return on investment.

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP is developed for the process manufacturing industry. Our fully integrated system streamlines workflow and provides scalable, flexible functionality – and we offer a cloud deployment option to support unlimited growth.

If you’re ready to tackle unresolved IT issues, talk to us about how Aptean’s cloud ERP technology can support your needs, post-pandemic. We’ve got two goals for each customer: to increase the profitability of your business operations, and to help you get a good night sleep!

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