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Aptean WMS Proteus Edition - Increase Productivity with Task Interleaving

Aptean WMS Proteus Edition - Increase Productivity with Task Interleaving


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Aptean WMS Proteus Edition - Increase Productivity with Task Interleaving

18 Feb 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Optimise Warehouse Processes and Staff. Complete Tasks Promptly.
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The interleaving of tasks, so that warehouse operatives can carry out stock replenishments, putaways, stock takes and picks in a logical sequence, is an established best practice that can lead to huge productivity gains.

Aptean WMS allocates the various tasks to the most appropriate warehouse operative to optimise travel time. The system informs the operative of the next task to be performed and the warehouse location to which they must go to carry out that function. Task interleaving means picking, put-away, replenishment and other tasks are completed with maximum efficiency. As warehouse tasks are actioned, the locations, cases and pallets will be scanned as appropriate, using either RF equipment or voice terminals to ensure the correct locations and stock items have been selected.

Within Aptean WMS a variety of equipment types can be defined, associated with each are the details of the tasks it can perform. Tasks are assigned a priority by the system, and if certain tasks need to be completed quickly the priority can be changed. The most important tasks will be assigned to the first available operative with the correct equipment.

Task Interleaving Key Benefits

  • Prevent empty trips

  • Make efficiency savings

  • Reduce cost per pick

  • Cut travel times

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