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Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Bonded Warehousing Software for Wholesalers

Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Bonded Warehousing Software for Wholesalers


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Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Bonded Warehousing Software for Wholesalers

4 Jan 2021

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Complete Trust and Full Compliance for Your Bonded Warehouse
Warehouse and shelves

Integrated within the sales and purchase ordering modules of Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition, our bonded warehousing software enables complete traceability and accurate reporting; helping you to achieve HMRC compliance and giving you the platform to maximise efficiency for processing bonded stock.

Full Compliance, Cost-effectively

As an established bonded warehouse solution, our software offers complete traceability and accurate reporting, including HMRC reports such as W5 and W5D.

Real-Time Information

Inventory management ensures you can keep on top of your holdings across multiple sites, with accurate, insightful real-time data.

Complete Trust and Time-savings With Automated Processes

Your bonded stock is strictly controlled by a batch reference number and valued pre-duty. When stock is transferred to a normal duty-paid location, the duty is calculated and automatically added into the duty-paid cost.

Gain Control of Customs and Excise Processes

With our bonded warehousing software you can:

  • Generate accurate and timely reports

  • Ensure strict and full control of bonded warehouse stock via batch reference numbers

  • Simplify the management of up to 50 bonded locations, each with an individual excise deferment code

  • Easily produce all necessary reports and documents including AAD, W8, W5 and W5D when shipping bonded goods to other EC and UK bonded warehouses

  • Access real-time audit data on stock movements

  • Cut administration time and cost through fully integrated streamlined processes

  • Accurately record receipts into and out of bond, including adjustments, transfers and movements to other bonded warehouses


Simplify managing duties and levies for multiple bonded locations with our established solution or other WMS bonded warehouse solutions from Aptean.

With easy, controlled production of reports and complete traceability at all times, you can put your trust in Aptean Distribution ERP bonded warehousing software. Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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