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Aptean Forms Strategic Partnership with London Consulting Group

Aptean Forms Strategic Partnership with London Consulting Group


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Aptean Forms Strategic Partnership with London Consulting Group

31 Aug 2017

Alpharetta, GA, August 31, 2017 — Aptean, a leading global provider of mission critical enterprise software solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with London Consulting Group. Through the partnership, Aptean solution users in the food and beverage space now have access to London Consulting Group’s expertise in change management.

According to Gartner's own research, “projects with more than $1 million in cost have a 50% higher failure rate than projects that cost less than $350,000. This does not, however, make lower-cost projects risk free — a study of smaller organizations and their ERP projects revealed cost and time overruns and benefit "loss" in more than 50% of projects.” * Gartner recommends “the best practice is to build ERP plans that are based on the realities in your enterprise, taking account of constraints and opportunities. There is no substitute for diligent planning. Planning starts at the top of the organization with a well-defined ERP strategy that drives the development of bottom-up implementation plans. Base project plans on enterprise-specific deliverables and data, reinforced by strong governance to stay on track.” **

Farmdale Creamery, producer of cultured dairy products, has already seen the benefits of working with both Aptean and London Consulting Group.

“Aptean’s Ross ERP system, and the implementation focus provided by London Consulting, has helped our team meet FSMA food safety compliance,” said Juan Carlos Miñarro, assistant general manager for Farmdale Creamery. “During the Ross implementation, London Consulting helped us with everything from change management and training to on-the-job coaching and testing.”

Working together, Aptean and London Consulting Group deliver a comprehensive solution to food and beverage manufacturers that addresses their business requirements, while providing cost-savings that can be reinvested in the manufacturer’s organization to help shorten the Return on Investment (ROI) period. London’s approach of mapping current business processes, improving upon them, and supporting the ERP deployment with hands-on training and coaching complements Aptean’s implementation methodology of scope, analyze, build, deliver, and support.

“Our customers want to work with a single vendor that can provide a fully integrated solution for all of their needs. Partnering with Aptean provides our customers with access to the type of trusted technology provider they are looking for,” said Daniel Campos, managing partner at London Consulting Group. “Collectively, we can offer a seamless solution with a proven methodology to realize ROI in the first year.”

“Aptean continues to partner with companies that bring value to our customers and successfully address their pain points. Our partnership with London Consulting Group is just one example of that,” said Brad Steger, general manager of Aptean’s Process ERP and Supply Chain Management Product Group. “London Consulting’s project planning is a natural fit with Aptean’s Food & Beverage solution suite. This partnership will help our customers increase productivity and smooth the transition to new solutions.”

Aptean and London Consulting Group will be exhibiting at SupplySide West 2017 September 25-29 in Las Vegas, NV, where they will showcase how current and future customers can benefit from this partnership.

*Gartner, Improve ERP Project Risk Management With Three Best Practices, Carol Hardcastle, Refreshed: 02 March 2016 | Published: 22 October 2014

**Gartner, ERP Projects: Twenty Ways to Reduce Cost, Time and Effort, Denis Torii | Pat Phelan, Refreshed: 04 January 2017 | Published: 22 September 2015

About London Consulting Group 

London Consulting Group is a multinational Management Consulting company, leader in the Americas. For over 25 years the firm has helped improve the bottom-line of over 600 customers of all industries and sizes, often with project paybacks of 5-to-1 in the first year.

Services include projects in strategy planning, production, processing, wholesale distribution, go-to-market, information technologies, food safety compliance and more. To learn more, visit

About Aptean

Aptean provides very specific industries with very specific ERP, supply chain management and customer experience solutions. In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive economy, organizations don’t have time to waste forcing homegrown software, spreadsheets and one-size-fits-all solutions to do things they were never designed to do. That’s why over 7,000 highly specialized organizations in more than 20 industries and 74 countries rely on Aptean to streamline their everyday operations. To learn how Aptean can help your organization stay at the forefront of your industry, visit

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