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Ready for Business Intelligence

Achieve greater transparency, access key information wherever and whenever you need it and make confident, data-driven decisions faster.

Are you ready to start improving your operational performance with Aptean Business Intelligence?

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Ready for Better,

More Actionable Insights

One Single Source of Truth

In many companies, reports and data are scattered across departments. By standardizing and consolidating this data and your reporting processes, you’ll no longer need those stacks of Excel sheets and charts. Aptean Business Intelligence delivers crystal-clear operational information across every functional area.

Greater Transparency

With Aptean Business Intelligence, management information can be accessed by all levels of your organization so that decisions can be taken quickly and correctly. This way, you can be sure the right people are using the actual data they need to get the job done.

Intuitive Design

We’ve made using Aptean Business Intelligence software as simple as possible. With a plug-and-play design, any member of your company is easily able to manipulate data to derive direct insights into business processes. No coding experience necessary.

Every KPI You Need

Aptean Business Intelligence software includes 300+ standard measured values and out-of-the box reports, so your organization can easily find the data it needs, quickly.

Proven Experience

Over 6,500 companies worldwide have trusted Aptean with their business software needs. Talk to our team of business intelligence experts today to see how our products can offer you the best value in the industry.

Bring Your Data to Life

We realize you have less and less time to make the key decisions that will drastically affect your bottom line. But, the world around you doesn’t stop. You have to make the right strategic, tactical and operational decisions quickly, the first time. Consistently achieving your company objectives is hard enough as it is; why make it more difficult?

Aptean Business Intelligence enables you to access key operational information, wherever and whenever you need it. You can instantly view high-level data that measures your company’s overall heath, and drill down into specific areas for even greater insight. Then, leverage this data to make strategic and operational business decisions. The wealth of data in your Aptean ERP system is at your fingertips.

You’ll also be able to answer key questions like, “What was the margin on my various product groups?” or “How are my buyers doing?” and “How effective is my production line?” with only a few clicks.

Deeper insights derived from our business intelligence software enable you to make decisions faster, work with more accurate data and quickly address any business processes that aren’t functioning correctly. Plus, Aptean Business Intelligence can be seamlessly integrated with almost any other solution we offer, making your system even more powerful.

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