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Ready for a Best-in-Class ERP for Snack Manufacturers

Snack businesses like yours must remain agile and in-tune with the latest trends to deliver high-quality products that consumers will love.

To achieve the flexibility and efficiency necessary to compete in a crowded marketplace, you need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for snack manufacturers.

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Achieve Your Goals

With an ERP for

Snack Manufacturers

Built on Best Practices

Built Specifically for Snack Businesses Like Yours

At Aptean, we’ve worked with snack businesses for decades and learned to speak the “language” of the segment fluidly. We put our expertise to good use in developing Aptean’s ERP for snack manufacturers, an industry-specific solution packed with tools that will better equip your organisation to navigate such a dynamic sector.

The features built into our system help you take on your toughest challenges. With our traceability functionalities, you’ll be able to keep tabs on all of your raw materials at a granular level, ensuring proper allergen management and full food safety assurance. The robust analytics offered will help you scrutinise the profitability of your various lines and keep margins healthy, while the recipe and formula tools allow for expansion of your offerings to capitalise on new opportunities.

We’ve also got you covered on inventory management, with complete visibility into what you have down to the lot level and reliably accurate quantity and volume counts. And on the quality assurance front, integrations with your smart scales and sensors can ensure that everything rolling off the belt is up to scratch.

Want to succeed and rise to the top of a competitive snacks landscape? Aptean’s ERP for snack manufacturers is the best platform to operate with confidence and agility in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

What Makes Aptean ERP for Snacks Superior?

We designed our ERP for snack manufactures to help companies like yours scale, grow and succeed. Here are just a few of the features that will help streamline your processes and ensure optimal results:

  • Complete traceability tools to track ingredients from one end of the supply chain to the other

  • Allergen management features and automatically scheduled sanitation for food safety

  • Robust recipe and formula tools to develop new products and perfect your lines

  • Profitability and efficiency analysis that helps you address bottlenecks and improve performance

  • Excellent inventory management functionalities with granular, detailed data

Want to jump-start your digital transformation and lay a foundation for your snack manufacturing business’s future?

Then contact us today to learn how our food ERP ensures you’re Ready for What’s Next, Now®.

Success With Aptean

Green Valley Pecan Replaces Inefficient Processes With an ERP Solution Tailored for the Snacks Industry

For Green Valley Pecan, one of the world’s largest pecan growers, multiple legacy systems were creating inefficiencies in production and failed to provide the required visibility and tracking.

The company chose Aptean’s food ERP system because of it’s built-in, industry-specific functionality which enabled Green Valley Pecan to increase operational efficiency, better track and manage quality and enhance traceability.

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Unlock Snack-Specific Features and Get the Aptean Advantage

Ready to explore all the ways in which Aptean Food & Beverage ERP will help ensure your business’s operations with purpose-built tools for your unique challenges?

You’ve likely got lots of questions about our solutions and the implementation process, not to mention the resource commitments you’ll need to make as an organisation.

Most ERP solution vendors will be more than happy to provide you a price quote on request, but it’s important that you’re able to convey your needs and expectations clearly so that their teams can produce a realistic and accurate figure. In this blog post, we dive into the key considerations you need to make prior to filing your request for an ERP quote, as well as how to best carry out the process.

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Ready to kick your snack manufacturing operations up a gear?

Aptean’s ERP for snack manufacturers can have a transformative effect on your business—propelling you to the next level.

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