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Ready for Dedicated Fresh Produce ERP

From farming to finance and pack house to purchasing, Aptean Food & Beverage ERP LINKFRESH Edition is the only system you’ll need to successfully run your fresh produce business.

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Fresh Produce ERP Built

for the Challenges of

Your Industry

Enhance Supply Chains

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP is a powerful solution for growers, packers and shippers alike. Each are able to derive their own benefits since the solution is designed specifically to work with fresh produce supply chains.

Gain Powerful Real-Time Data

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP gives you the data you need, quicker. With real-time data, you can make better operational decisions faster and use strategic insights for continuous improvement—enhancing your competitive edge.

Cut Down on Waste

Working with fresh produce is all about the timing—that's why a traditional ERP solution just doesn't work for the industry. You need a planning system that captures information immediately and acts on it just as quickly. Not only will you save time, but you'll be able to cut back on waste from product that's gone bad.

Streamline Processes

By having a single version of truth for all stakeholders of your company, you can finally do away with all those one-off notes and stacks of paper. Centralising your data with Aptean Food & Beverage ERP creates a new hub for each piece of your company's supply chain.

"We have access to real time information at the touch of a button. This allows us to operate more efficiently while providing full traceability of product throughout our supply chain."

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A Fresh Produce ERP Designed To Suit Your Business

Aptean Food and Beverage ERP has a wide variety of features created specifically for the fresh produce market. Here are a few of the things that it will account for: 

  • Optimal stock, assortment and warehouse management  

  • Highly variable raw materials

  • Traceability

  • Grower accounting

  • Consignments

  • Timeliness

  • Third party products

  • Instability of supply

  • Tight margins 

Our specialised system can used by any fresh produce business—from small operations to major enterprises. 

The LINKFRESH 365 Business Central Edition is best for produce businesses with less than 250 employees, operating from a single site; while the LINKFRESH 365 Enterprise Edition is best for produce companies with more than 250 employees, operating across multiple sites. 

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Tailored Features for

Big Benefits

Product Costing

Calculate gross margin per product line at budgeted standard costs vs. actual costs, use per count and per weight measures for revenue, cost of sale and margin, and summarise data easily.

Case Tracking

Track individual cases of goods through the warehouse and configure by location or product with full integration with Dynamics NAV Inventory Control and Warehouse Management.

Produce Attributes

Enhance inventory management with inclusion of lot-specific produce attributes that are optimised for food/produce and manage product allocation for sales and processing.

Advanced Pricing

Enhanced pricing structures allow for manual price entry and variable pricing, as well as the implementation of hierarchical structures.

Trading Board

Single screen view to manage procurement and trading, with supply and demand insights at the lot or pallet level.

Planning Board

Match supply and demand for any product group using forecasts or actual sales in combination with user definable time periods.

Product Traceability

Full track forward and trace back capability with the ability to record or create Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN).

Online Payments

Aptean Pay is fully integrated with Aptean Food & Beverage ERP, allowing you to accept digital payments and streamline processes.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Streamline and automate data transfers with your trading partners using our fully integrated Aptean EDI solution.

Start transforming your fresh produce operation

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’d love to help.

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