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Ready to Take Your Merchant Business to the Next Level

Merlin Business Software future-proofs your business by automating and streamlining processes, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

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Reduce Costs.

Increase Efficiency.

Achieve Your ROI.

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Fully-Integrated Software Solution

Our intuitive modular solution and dedicated support team allow you to focus on the job at hand.

With a carefully selected range of core modules specifically designed for merchants, stockists, distributors and wholesalers, Merlin Business Software is a fully-integrated software solution for all your business processes.

  • Increase in sales through opportunities revealed

  • Improve reporting speed

  • Reduction in supply chain inefficiencies

  • Savings in management cost through smarter stock holdings

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Contact Relationship Management

Our contact relationship management is an integrated solution for managing relationships with customers, prospects and suppliers in a professional and efficient way. All activity is recorded against the relevant contact, so no data is duplicated.

Gain full visibility of your sales pipeline with real time reporting. Your Sales Representatives can use the CRM function to log progress of potential orders to indicate estimated close date, order value, potential margin, current status and source. Measure the success of your channels and get a better idea of where your best ROI is generated.

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Sales Order Processing

Maximise every sales opportunity. Create sales orders and quotations quickly and easily via the web, trade counter and back-office sales.

Avoid losing sales due to out-of-stock items. When an item is marked out of stock or discontinued, Merlin Business Software provides an alternative product list. Get the right information at the right time and ensure your sales operators have all the relevant information they need when processing orders with intelligent, in-built functions.

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Purchase Order Processing

Make purchase ordering easy, linking with stock management, the purchase order processing module facilities real-time, accurate stock replenishment.

If you have multiple branches and locations, easily handle inter-branch transfers and consignments. Merlin Business Software can also handle any back order issues caused by low stock levels, automatically flagging stock for release on Goods Received Notes (GRN).

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Automated Accounts Payable

Save time and money. Designed to extract, code and process supplier invoices, pushing them immediately into your software. Seamlessly integrate into users existing software, delivering increased efficiency and productivity. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Sustainability, no need to print off supplier invoices

  • Faster, automatic invoice process

  • No human input, resulting in reduced errors replacing manual keying in

  • Reduce processing time and costs

  • A quick return on investment

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Fully-integrated management accounting system incorporates sales, purchase and nominal ledgers with full sales and purchase ledger transaction posting and unlimited reporting and analysis.

Within the Financials module, you can also manage your fixed assets, providing automatic calculations to both straight line and reducing balance depreciation methods. You have the added benefit of being able to set up automatic depreciation at period end (or continue to run it manually).

With this feature being dynamically linked to the nominal ledger, accounts and financial reporting are up-to-date to the last posting. Merlin Business Software provides full auditability and traceability of all asset records, nothing is deleted.

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Stock Control

Merlin Business Software provides you with control over all areas of stock, not just stock levels. Control your product range, locations, families, groups, suppliers, batches, shelf life and consignment stock and can also be set-up for full traceability with our stock control software.

Avoid overstocking and having ‘dead money’ sitting on the shelf. Stock control provides you with control over all areas of stock to help you to optimise your stock investment.

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Business Intelligence

When it comes to Business Intelligence, it’s not a case of 'one size fits all'. We have three stages that’ll each be tailored to meet your requirements.

With the predefined reports giving you an up-to-the-minute picture of your business, you can quickly analyse areas that are doing well, and drill down into others that may require closer management.

“The speed and ease that Merlin Business Software integrates with the carrier software with no re-keying of consignment information has sped up the process immensely, time savings are immediately noticeable.

Karen MainInstock Ltd

ERP Modules Built

For Your Business

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Production Control

Specifically designed and developed for manufacturers, production control software for manufacturing gives you the ability to seamlessly extend control of production environments and Work-in-Progress (WIP) processes directly into other software modules.

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Warehouse Management

Designed to work in warehouses of all shapes and sizes, our warehouse management system apps give you the ability to seamlessly manage and control all of your stock and warehouse processes quickly and easily.

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Help Desk

Manage your customer services and support offering with the help desk management module. Log, handle, re-assign, track and report on internal and external incidents with the help of alerts.

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EDI for NMBS (National Merchant Buying Society)

Developed for NMBS members, the NMBS EDI feature is a proven system module that removes the error-prone process of posting NMBS supplier invoices by hand.

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e-Channel Console

Merlin Business Software enables seamless integration into online sales through popular platforms, such as Amazon, eBay or Shopify, either directly or via third-party channel management applications. View order progress, complete orders and view full details. With the e-channel console, there is no need to duplicate order entry, with orders transferred automatically.

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Document Management

Keep track of all your documents with our document management software where you can store documents against the relevant order. The ‘drag and drop’ functionality makes it easier to store documents than ever before.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery

Merlin Business Software offers a comprehensive electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) software solution for capturing the customer’s signature on a delivery note or collection note at the two main customer touch-points; when delivering to your customer’s location and when the customer collects from you.

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Delivery Van Routing

Plan your deliveries before an order is picked with our delivery van routing software module. Developed to remove the requirement for you to purchase additional planning software, this enables all of your information to stay within the software platform.

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EDI Integration

Merlin Business Software offers electronic data integration (EDI) software to allow seamless trading between customers and suppliers with capability to send and receive orders electronically, whilst also automatically triggering the relevant order acknowledgments and/or invoices.

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Credit Card Integration

In an ever demanding world the ability to process payments quickly is vital. Therefore, our Chip and Pin Software offers credit/payment card integration through AdFlex and Verifone, for you to select which best suits your requirement.

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Customer Relationship Management

Working with the Contact Management module, for an enhanced CRM offering, the customer relationship management (CRM) module works throughout the business, populating the user’s diaries with appointments. The user can then see their schedule for the upcoming day, week, month or selected date range.

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Website Integration Tools

Our web applications allow you to make the most of the opportunities of trading online, whether you’re already doing so or looking to develop your online presence.

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Mobile App Solutions

Work smarter and more cost effectively whilst improving your business processes, at both the trade counter and when working remotely with our mobile app solutions for Android™.

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System Control Personalisation

Personalise a user’s experience when using Merlin Business Software. Coordinate and administer the flow of data while tailoring the system to meet your requirements. With user profiles and personalisation you are able to manage access to all areas of the system at User and Group levels.

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Rebates Processing

We understand the complexity of rebate agreements, as well as the importance of effective rebate management services for control and management. As a result, we have introduced a fully flexible, multiple level, rebate processing software which will enable you to maximise the potential revenue of any deal whether purchasing or selling.

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Third-Party Carrier Integration

Third-party carrier integration software designed and developed to help those who use third party carriers for delivery by integrating with their consignment systems removing the need to duplicate information.

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Swift Cloud

Merlin Business Software has partnered with Swift Cloud to provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for. Using the Swift Cloud app software, compatible with both Android and Apple devices, your customers can order directly from you at any time of day.

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Delivers advanced business intelligence and distributor analytics across manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and merchants. Get more reporting power and deep insights from the data in your system.

Specialised Industry Software

We specialise in creating fully-integrated ERP software solutions that improve business processes and efficiency across a range of different industries.

Building Supplies

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Building Supplies

The Challenge

Your business's old system can't keep up with tasks for its products and services.

The Solution

Building & Timber materials, Plant & Tool Hire or Skip Hire, we have the solution for you with up-to-date features and ongoing enhancements.

Building Supplies details

Food & Drink Supplies

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Food & Drink Supplies

The Challenge

Multiple depots, multiple locations, batch control and expiration dates must all be managed, in addition to keeping up with the requirements for packaging and food safety.

The Solution

Point of Sale for Cash & Carry. You get everything, including Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Process, link selling and gap selling suggestions.

Food & Drink Supplies details

Industrial Supplies

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Industrial Supplies

The Challenge

In order to avoid missing sales opportunities and losing money, you need to manage multiple sales channels and use pro-active tele sales tactics.

The Solution

Never miss a sales opportunity again by unlocking your data. With industrial supplies in mind, our software provides you with the solutions you need to succeed.

Industrial Supplies details

Medical & Dental Supplies

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Medical & Dental Supplies

The Challenge

Enhancing business efficiency including reducing picking errors and a reduction in the amount of manual paper archiving. It can also be challenging to deliver orders on time.

The Solution

Make use of a wide range of standard features like the batch control function to reduce wastage and increase stock efficiency. Implement an order cut-off time to help prepare for carrier collections.

Medical & Dental Supplies details

Packaging Supplies

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Packaging Supplies

The Challenge

Year-end procedures that are complicated and time-consuming.

The Solution

Compared to your current solution, you can simplify your regular stock take routine and save up to two days of work.

Packaging Supplies details

Janitorial, Hygiene & Cleaning

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Janitorial, Hygiene & Cleaning

The Challenge

Obtaining immediate information about stock availability, alternative products, special customer pricing and profit margins.

The Solution

With immediate access to information, experience significant growth in sales and profitability. Orders can be scheduled and repeated, and barcodes are available as standard.

Janitorial, Hygiene & Cleaning details

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialised ERP solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.