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Ready for Advanced Natural Language IP Searches

Unlike conventional or free search tools, Aptean LifeQuest truly understands your query, giving you a targeted, comprehensive set of results without false-positive hits from non-life science patents.

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The World’s Only Full

Text Life Science

Patent Database

Integrate Sequence and Full Text Data

With its focus on life science patents, LifeQuest’s database gives you the power to find whatever you need. Among other capabilities, it includes built-in life science ontologies, advanced search capabilities, a search result management system and the ability to merge results using Boolean logic.

Easy-to-Use Search Interface

The easy-to-use LifeQuest search interface offers streamlined and efficient capabilities. It includes the ability to view alignments and full text data simultaneously as well as convenient tip cards that assist you with formulating targeted or broad queries.

Built-in Life Science Ontologies

As a query is typed, suggested matching terms appear based on selected ontologies. Synonym phrases are also included, and you can even create and save terms customized for your specific needs.

Boost Hits

Aptean LifeQuest allows you to screen more efficiently by custom boosting relevance scores to quickly identify the most important hits.

Ready to Elevate Your FTO and Patentability Research

Aptean LifeQuest gives researchers and IP professionals like you access to the world’s most comprehensive database of life science patents.  

With multiple levels of conceptual relationships between documents, our easy-to-use search platform delivers highly relevant results that represent the most comprehensive view of resources related to your search terms. This allows you to accelerate your freedom to operate (FTO) and patentability research significantly.  

Aptean LifeQuest includes: 

  • Underlying ontologies

  • Integration with GenomeQuest sequence search results

  • Flexible query language

  • Full text database of life science patents

  • Single click patent PDF access

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Powerful Patent Search

Platform Features

Intuitive Search Grammar

Using a query editor that auto-completes your query, Aptean LifeQuest provides an easy way to craft complex Boolean queries against the full text or specific fields of life science IP.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Power users will be glad to see that LifeQuest is built on an enhanced Lucene grammar, giving organizations the ability to build queries that leverage proximity searching, fuzzy searching, boosting and much more.

Life Science Ontologies

Aptean LifeQuest incorporates ontologies including MeSH, SNOMEDCT, Protein Ontology, Plant Ontology—and many more. These ontologies span the range of life sciences from human biology to genes to plant traits to give you the most comprehensive search.

User-Generated Synonym Lists

Spending hours developing your own synonym lists to completely describe a concept is a thing of the past with LifeQuest. Instead, you can easily add and edit existing lists meaning that searching for one of the terms automatically searches for all of them. And editable synonym lists allow growth and evolution over time.

GenomeQuest Integration

LifeQuest is seamlessly integrated with Aptean GenomeQuest. Use LifeQuest's ontology-based text searching power to further analyze GenomeQuest results or combine them with LifeQuest results.

Professional Services

Professional Services are available from Aptean to extend the capabilities of LifeQuest, including options for onsite custom training and consulting.

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