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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software for Streamlined NPD

Seamlessly manage the many interconnected elements of new product development to design appealing offerings and accelerate time to market with PLM software built for your industry from a trusted provider.

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What Is Product Lifecycle Management Software?

In short: product lifecycle management software allows you to track a product from the very beginning of your process to the very end. 

PLM software centralises and integrates data, processes, workflows, teams and systems across your business in order to provide a single source of truth about your product lifecycle. 

The objective? To use that clear and accessible data source throughout your operation to improve processes, enhance collaboration and inform product ideation, procurement and production.

So, instead of chasing down data, working around siloes or struggling with disconnected teams, product lifecycle management software allows you to optimise your entire process, reduce costs and accelerate growth.

The Benefits of PLM Software

With the right PLM software, you can:   

  • Streamline processes—increasing efficiency and productivity 

  • Bring new products to market quickly and cost-effectively  

  • Improve agility and responsiveness to new consumer demands or trends  

  • Reduce compliance risks with easy access to relevant data

  • Gain visibility and control of costs throughout your product lifecycle

  • Eliminate inefficiencies and focus on what’s most important—growing your business 

And, best of all, choosing PLM software with functionality tailored to your industry means you can unlock these benefits more quickly, without customisations or compromises.

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PLM Software

Are you ready to kick your consumer packaged goods operation up a notch with product lifecycle management software?
Food and Beverage PLM
Bring people and product information together–accelerating innovation processes and time to market with real-time data and enhanced collaboration.
Cosmetics and Personal Care PLM
Centralise and integrate all of your data, processes, workflows, teams and systems across your business to analyse your product lifecycle.
Retail Merchandise and Apparel PLM
Maintain communication and visibility for the entire team from first sketches to customers' shopping bags.

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