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Ready to Maximise Your Inventory Investment

Anticipate demand and align stock positions to plans to help meet your revenue, markdown and margin goals.

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Optimised Collection Management

Put Every Product in Its Place

Track correctly throughout each season with precise allocation that allows you to determine which locations will maximise margins and clear inventory balances.

  • Size curve allocations

  • Flexible distribution models

  • User-defined calculations add unlimited flexibility enabled by powerful algorithms

Intelligent Inventory Management

With technology smart enough to sift through your complex omnichannel enterprise, you can forecast, allocate and replenish based on plans, actuals and trends.

  • Automated forecast algorithm selection with forecast self-adjustment

  • Advanced what-ifs with multiple scenarios

  • Multi-echelon replenishment

Forecasts to See into the Future

A course for success starts with accurate forecasting. Determine the best stock targets while adapting to the season as it unfolds.

  • SKU-level forecasts driven by daily sales and inventory patterns

  • Automated forecast algorithm selection and adjustment

  • Analytics-informed forecasts simplify complex scenarios

Get Comfortable with Change

Replenish based on daily sales and inventory patterns for each SKU in each store.

  • Vendor, DC, Store and wholesale replenishment

  • Store-to-store transfers

  • Automated, manage-by-parameter interface

One Data Warehouse. One Solution. Native Integrations.

With Aptean Retail Planning, you receive a foundation with deep experience that's embedded into the platform in the form of best practices gleaned from over three decades in the planning business.

With our modular retail planning platform, you will also experience:

  • Right Experience for the Right User

Combine data and visuals with science and art to get experiences tailored to each user—planner, analyst or merchant.

  • Adaptability through Personalisation

A powerful authoring environment adapts to specific customer needs through personalised views, layouts and KPI computations.

  • Best-Suited Data Models

Both Online Analytical Processing for complex multidimensional analysis and purpose-built In-Memory data models deliver speed and flexibility for all planning requirements.

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