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Ready for Cloud Routing and Scheduling Software

Want to better manage your transport operations, improve supply chain efficiency and maximise customer satisfaction? It's all possible with Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition.

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Complete Visibility to

Maximise Delivery


Planning and Optimisation

Plan vehicle trips to optimise driver miles and reduce empty running. With our transport management software, you can effectively manage your trips from loading and dispatch through to final proof of delivery.

Movement Control

With Aptean Routing & Scheduling you can easily control movements that involve single/multiple pick-ups with single or multiple drops, mix of collection and delivery on a single trip, trunking, crossdocking and trailer swaps.

Real-Time Communications

Use real-time communications with in-cab or mobile devices for instant data capture. This enables you to improve operational visibility and fleet tracking as well as record first-hand the outcome of each collection or delivery.

Equipment Tracking

Integrated pallet and equipment tracking captures the quantity and types of equipment delivered and collected at each stop point. So, with Aptean Routing & Scheduling you can minimise the all too often high cost of losses.

Comprehensive and Configurable Transport Management Software

Supply chain visibility is critical to transport departments—and technology plays a vital role in achieving this.  

Whether you’re a logistics company operating distribution contracts for a number of clients or an in-house logistics operation working on a dedicated basis, our transport management software has the flexible, comprehensive modules to support your company structure and operation. 

Aptean Routing & Scheduling enables: 

  • Faster, more efficient deliveries with electronic proof of delivery

  • Real-time updates for better visibility and enhanced customer experience

  • Management of orders through flexible EDI capabilities 

In addition, Aptean Routing & Scheduling provides full configurability so you can tailor your operations, processes and transport system exactly how you need it.

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Improve Fleet Efficiency

and Operations With

Multi-Modal Transport Management Software

Improved Planning

Transform transport movements to be more efficient and effective by road, air, rail and sea with multi-modal capability.

Faster, More Efficient Deliveries

Decrease the amount of paperwork for your team with electronic proof of delivery.

Better Vehicle Management

Keep your fleet DVSA compliant, safe and efficient with telematics for better fleet management.

Enhanced Customer Service

Provide better visibility for customers with a real-time updates on our track and trace portal.

3PL Expertise

Bespoke functionality caters to the needs of the 3PL marketplace.

Railhead / Port Integration

Sophisticated logistics management for road, air, rail and sea movements across the world.

Unlock the value of your logistics operation with Aptean TMS Solutions

Get in touch with our team today to take the next step towards supercharging your transport service.

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