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7 Key Benefits of Implementing a Service Repair Business Management Solution

7 Key Benefits of Implementing a Service Repair Business Management Solution


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7 Key Benefits of Implementing a Service Repair Business Management Solution

Jul 23, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Utilizing a business management solution for your apparatus, motor or pump repair service company provides the overarching ability to automate and standardize processes and grow your operation. But there’s so much more that the scalable features and functionality designed to meet your ever-changing business needs can actually do. Developed with your specific industry needs in mind, an integrated system can provide a host of benefits that lead to significant ROI for your service repair shop.

In this blog, we identify seven key benefit areas shops experience.

1. Real-Time Views

With real-time and interactive views of job details and customer information, data is accessed more quickly to provide visibility throughout your business. The time-saving and immediate entry of estimates, material charges and other business operations in repair software reduce errors and omissions that often occur during manual documentation.

2. Mobile Shop Floor 

Aiding in the ability to provide real-time access to company information is the mobility of hand-held devices – saving time and avoiding duplication of effort when completing jobs on the shop floor. Step by step procedures entered on a tablet or other devices provide detailed documentation of jobs enabling technicians to capture data at the point of occurrence including pictures, estimates, work orders, customer reports and more.

3. Revenue Improvement

Job cost analysis and reporting for materials, labor and overhead help identify pricing opportunities, operational bottlenecks, employee efficiency and work performance. In addition, the automated system alerts within the motor repair software can notify if jobs are over the estimated time allotment for a particular job – helping to improve the estimating process for future jobs. This automated alert system can also be set up for overdue accounts payable to request customer payment for services.

4. Shop Efficiency Increase 

Automated scheduling to ensure promise dates are met, planning boards to pace jobs and time clock usage all increase shop efficiency and keep jobs and the shop floor organized and operating at capacity. Automated alerts identify issues before they become problems, saving time and allowing jobs to remain on track.

5. Enhance Customer Service 

Job status is easily accessible through real-time order status capabilities that provide visibility into where a job is in terms of production and when it is scheduled to be completed. Alerts can be set up to stay informed of upcoming promise dates – increasing customer satisfaction. 

6. Maintain Inventory Control

Aptean repair software helps keep track of raw materials, components and finished goods in order to keep stock levels low – minimizing carrying costs and maximizing product availability. This tracking enables efficient job completion, determines lead times and calculates cost information to ensure inventory is available when needed. 

7. Accelerate Profits 

With real-time access to company data, you can measure key metrics to help manage your business – reducing in-shop turnaround times, costs and repair times. Interactive reporting can help drive data-driven decision making and identify costly inefficiencies.

Aptean provides a host of benefits for service repair shops looking to implement a business management solution that meets the many unique needs of the industry. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration of how we can help now and in the future.

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