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Aptean CRM - Asset and Contract Management

Aptean CRM - Asset and Contract Management


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Aptean CRM - Asset and Contract Management

Feb 20, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Manage Assets and Contracts in One Place
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Aptean CRM Asset and Management helps you keep track of customer agreements and product purchase history from directly within our customer service application. You can maintain a detailed log of every product you’ve sold to a particular customer and associate either the product or customer to an established support contract.

With Aptean CRM contract management, you can define the level of service extended to each customer or a specific product. Your customer service team can then quickly determine the level of support a customer is entitled to.

  • Better Time Management. In just a few clicks, service agents can easily find, access and deliver accurate answers to customer questions. This ultimately equates to faster response times and happier customers.

  • Monitor Service Time Usage. Build support time into contracts so you can keep track of how many minutes were spent dealing with specific incidents and much time is left on a service agreement.

  • Stay on Top of Renewals. Our contract and asset management software helps you keep track of purchase and agreement history so you never miss a contract or deadline renewal.

Aptean CRM Asset Management

Keep Track of What You Sell

With our asset management solution, you can maintain a detailed record of all products you’ve sold to a customer, including the serial number, version, status, purchase date, installation date and more. You can also link products to a support contract in order to determine the level of support a customer should receive. The entire asset management process is fluid and intuitive.

Aptean CRM Contract Management

Keep Track of Customer Service Agreements

Aptean CRM contract management is used to capture all data related to a contract, including contract type, status, start and end date, total value and support time. Support time can be built into the contract and tracked, so at any given time, agents can view how much time has been used and how much time is still available per the customer support agreement. Contracts can also include an unlimited number of attachments and notes, and can be linked to customers, products or support cases. With contract information stored in a centralized database, service agents can quickly learn the level of service a customer has agreed to and use that information when handling customer questions and incidents. For example, it helps to know if the customer has prepaid for support, is running low on support or is up for a renewal.

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