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Aptean CRM - Lead Qualification

Aptean CRM - Lead Qualification


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Aptean CRM - Lead Qualification

Feb 11, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • The Smart Way to Manage Your Leads
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If you’re juggling a lot of leads, you probably recognize that filling your sales pipeline with as many leads as possible, without first qualifying them, is not a feasible or sustainable method for managing your leads. Your pipeline will quickly become watered down with leads that are either not yet ready for a sale or not a great fit for your product. It can actually make your sales team less productive because they have to spend more time weeding through the garbage leads in order to find the best opportunities.

To prevent this, Aptean CRM provides a useful holding area to store your leads before they are appropriately qualified, nurtured or sent to sales professionals for follow-up.

  • Lead Holding Tank. Conveniently store your leads before they are properly qualified so your pipeline is never diluted with poor leads.

  • Qualify Leads. Once in the holding tank, leads can be manually qualified based on personal characteristics or behaviors exhibited.

  • Empower Sales. The lead qualification process ensures your sales team is only working with active, qualified prospects.

Nurture Leads with Lead Qualification

How Does Aptean CRM Lead Qualification Work?

Aptean CRM software provides a useful holding area to store your leads before they are appropriately qualified, nurtured or sent to sales professionals for follow-up. Once a lead reaches the holding tank, you can manually qualify it based on personal characteristics such as geographic location, title or company size, or certain behaviors exhibited, such as visiting a landing page or downloading a whitepaper. If you determine the lead is strong, you can mark it “active” and send it to the sales pipeline to be nurtured by a sales associate. On the other hand, if you determine a lead is not worthwhile, you can mark it “inactive” and it never dilutes your pipeline.

Empower Your Sales Team

The lead qualification process helps ensure sales associates are only working with active, qualified leads and your CRM software database is clean of inactive prospects and duplicate records. It’s also great for sales managers who wish to delegate leads to different sales reps or review leads before they are passed along.

Automate the Lead Qualification Process

Take lead qualification a step further by automating the entire process. Aptean CRM lead scoring allows you to attach values to your leads based on individual characteristics or behaviors they exhibit. Aptean CRM then uses those values to automatically rank your leads for you.

Become a Lead Generating Machine

If your focus is on generating more leads, you can employ Aptean CRM landing page integration alongside lead qualification. Landing page integration uses a special lead form to gather personal information from your leads. When an anonymous web visitor submits the form, a new lead record is automatically generated in Aptean CRM and stored in the lead holding tank. You now know the prospect by name, company, etc. and can use that information to determine the strength of the lead. You can also use our web visitor tracking tool to identify them by name when they visit your website.

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