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Compiere ERP Automated Version Migration

Compiere ERP Automated Version Migration


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Compiere ERP Automated Version Migration

Dec 1, 2015

Aptean Staff Writer

Automated Version Migration

One of Compiere's primary design principles is that any element of the system can be changed at any time without consequences in other parts of the application or to application data. This very simple principle gives you unprecedented flexibility in managing your application over time.

Compiere's Migration Management solution fully embodies the "change anything at any time" principle. Migration Management enables you to migrate to newer versions of the Compiere platform periodically while preserving all of the customizations, extensions and transaction data accumulated since you first deployed your Compiere solution. Compiere Migration Management allows you to:

  • Migrate from any previous Compiere release to the current release

  • Migrate a client instance from one database to another database

  • Migrate/copy setup meta-data (i.e. no transactions)

  • Delete clients or transactions ("clean start")

Preserving Customizations

Compiere will not modify your customizations - as long as they are marked as customizations. The Migration Management solution gives you the confidence to customize your application to meet business needs, without impacting the supportability and upgradeability of your solution. Migrate to newer Compiere versions on your timetable with confidence that any and all customizations required by your business needs are preserved.

Automated, Fast and Dependency-Free

Migration Management is a fully automated process that completes in just a few hours. There are no manual steps required prior to running a migration or after the automated tool completes. The Migration Tools upgrades all Compiere solutions regardless of patch level or version.

The Compiere Migration Management solution is included with Compiere Service subscriptions.

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