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Compare Editions Compiere ERP

Compare Editions Compiere ERP

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Compare Editions Compiere ERP

Dec 1, 2015

Aptean Staff Writer


EditionsCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Core ERP & CRM FunctionalityYesYes
Cross-platform Java ClientYesYes
PDF Report WriterYes
Web-based Architecture and UIYes
Business View Reporting LayerYes
Enterprise-level Data Security SupportYes
Available on Amazon CloudYes
Multi-server SupportYes
Management DashboardsYes
Visual Dictionary EditorYes
Web Services SupportYes
Compiere ManufacturingYes
Compiere Warehouse ManagementYes


EditionsCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Community Support ForumsYesYes
Compiere Community WikiYesYes
Issue TrackingYesYes
Access to Compiere Support$Yes
Unlimited Support Requests$Yes
Premium Service LevelsYes
Phone Support$Yes
Service Packs + latest fixes$Yes

Software Upgrade

EditionsCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Access to Automated Upgrade ToolsYes

License Type

EditionsCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Open Source License (GPL)Yes
Commercial LicenseYes

Database Choices

EditionsCommunity EditionEnterprise Edition
Postgres Plus Advanced ServerYesYes
Oracle XEYesYes
Oracle Standard EditionsYesYes
Oracle Enterprise EditionYesYes


Core ERP & CRM Functionality Includes core ERP & CRM capabilities for Financial Management, Purchasing, Materials Management, Order Management, Project Accounting, Sales, Service, eCommerce, and Performance Management and Reporting.

Cross-platform Java Client Access your Compiere applications and data using the Compiere Client-server architecture. Client software is compatible with desktop operating systems that support Java JDK 1.6.

PDF Report Writer A server-based PDF report writing library that enables you to save Compiere reports in .PDF format for electronic distribution. A demo version is included in the Compiere Community Edition.

Web-based Architecture and UI The Compiere Web architecture delivers functionality, usability, responsiveness and personalization capabilities that are rarely found in browser based enterprise applications. Available in Compiere Enterprise Edition.

Business View Reporting Layer The Business View Layer enables reporting access to pre-defined or customer specified views of ERP data through Compiere's rich application-level security controls. Available in Compiere Enterprise Edition.

Enterprise-level Data Security Support Assign data level security at the record or field level. Supported in Compiere Enterprise Edition.

Available on Amazon Cloud With Compiere on the Cloud, enterprises of all sizes can leverage the comprehensive, low cost and adaptable Compiere ERP solution with the convenience of Amazon's on-demand computing services.

Multi-server Support Compiere Enterprise is built to scale - supporting multiple servers, large transaction volumes, hundreds of users and business complexity required by demanding businesses of all sizes.

Management Dashboards Role-based dashboards allow you to drill-down to monitor and analyze your operations more effectively.

Visual Dictionary Editor Compiere's revolutionary design enables applications to be easily customized and extended without programming - a first in the ERP industry. Applications are defined as objects in an Active Data Dictionary. Changes are easily made using a modern "drag and drop" Visual Dictionary Editor.

Web Services Support Integration with other applications is easy using Compiere's service oriented architecture (SOA) and web services.

Compiere Manufacturing Automate manufacturing processes with seamless integration with purchasing, materials management and order management. Available in Compiere Enterprise Edition.

Compiere Warehouse Management Compiere Warehouse Management includes comprehensive, integrated functionality that automates inbound, warehousing and outbound operations, resulting in improved productivity, space utilization and customer satisfaction.


Community Support Forums Community Support Forums are where we invite users to interact with each other on Compiere topics ranging from product features to integration with other mission-critical applications. This is an excellent channel to seek help from other Compiere users, provide feedback, and find answers to questions.

Compiere Community Wiki The Compiere Community Wiki features Compiere User Documentation.

Issue Tracking Log new issues and research known issues through the Compiere Issue Tracking System.

Documentation An annual subscription to Compiere User Documentation and updates is included with all Compiere Support Subscriptions. The documentation includes detailed descriptions of the functions and features in Compiere.

Access to Compiere Support Customers with a Compiere Support Subscription have access to trained personnel for resolving Support Requests. The Enterprise Edition includes an unlimited number of support requests.

Unlimited Support Requests The Enterprise Edition includes an unlimited number of support requests.

Premium Service Levels Compiere strives to provide timely responses to all customer service requests. Support requests from Enterprise Edition customers are subject to a response time service level agreement.

Phone Support Phone support is reserved for Enterprise Edition customers and is currently available during business hours in the United States.

Software Maintenance & Updates

Application Source Code Binary software and application source code for the Compiere Community edition is available for download.

Service Packs Compiere ERP periodically produces Service Packs that include cumulative bug fixes on top of the latest available release. Service Packs go through a full regression test before release. Service Packs are included with the Enterprise Edition.

Latest Fixes At its discretion, Compiere may provide "latest fixes" to specific significant issues identified by Enterprise Edition customers.

Software Upgrades

Access to Automated Upgrade Tools Customers with a Compiere Support Subscription have access to Automated Upgrade Tools, enabling version upgrades to new Compiere ERP software releases.

License Type

Open Source License (GPL) The Compiere Community Edition is distributed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License (GPL) Version 2. Open source licensing provides a unique opportunity for the open source community and for those developing open source software. You should be aware, however, that the GPL is quite restrictive. For example, the GPL license stipulates that any extensions added to the base GPL product also become subject to the terms of the GPL - which include not being able to restrict the use, copying, modification or redistribution of that software.

Commercial License The Compiere Enterprise Edition is distributed under a Commercial License for customers who are unable to abide by the terms of the GPL license. A Commercial License offers many customers a degree of flexibility not provided by the GPL.

Database Choices

Postgres Plus Advanced Server As an optional fee-based service, Compiere offers an application-specific full use license for Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Licenses are for a one year term and are annually renewable. Learn more about Postgres Plus Advanced Server for Compiere.

Oracle XE, Standard and Enterprise Editions As an optional fee-based service, Compiere offers an application-specific full use license for Oracle Standard Edition One, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Licenses are for a one year term and are annually renewable. Compiere also runs on Oracle's free database - Oracle XE. Learn more about Oracle for Compiere.

Open Source

A Better Way to Build and Distribute Software Winner of 2009 BOSSIE for Open Source ERPThe business applications market has been dominated by proprietary software vendors who offer complex, inflexible and expensive products built on decades only technology. They spend between 50-70% of revenues convincing customers to buy their product (sales and marketing) and less than 10% of revenues actually making better products (engineering).

We thought there was a better way. Why not write our product in public and distribute a free version through an open source license? Individuals and companies would be free to evaluate/use the product and engage with Compiere when they were ready for a commercial relationship. We could shorten the costly and time-consuming enterprise sales cycle while allocating more of our resources toward engineering (more than half our staff is part of R&D). And it worked - Compiere has now been downloaded more than 1,800,000 times!

Today, we provide the most modern, adaptable and lowest cost ERP solution available. We offer customers the choice between several product editions, between on-site or Cloud-based deployment, and the ability to switch from one option to the other. Our business model eliminates upfront license fees, providing support, services, and product enhancements via an annual subscription.

Compiere ERP was named the Best of Open Source Enterprise Software again in IDG's 2009 InfoWorld Best of Open Source Software (Bossie) Awards, marking the second consecutive year the company has earned the honor. Visit our customer success stories to find out why.

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