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Food Manufacturing ERP Reporting Software


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Food Manufacturing ERP Reporting Software

Jan 10, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Be a Smarter Food Manufacturer With Fast Reporting
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Food Manufacturing ERP Reporting Software

To excel as a food or beverage manufacturer you need business software that enables quick responses and effective decision making.

While most ERP systems can’t truly provide the visibility you need, our Aptean UnityF8 ERP food ERP software can - because whether it is your recipe margins or your rebates, this one system controls it all for you. This gives your food business huge advantages:

Optimises Management Time With ‘Need to Know’ Alerts

Increase the effectiveness of your managers with triggers and alerts that provide accurate ‘need to know’ information in real-time.

Reveals True Sales Performance and Profitability

Enjoy accurate sales analysis that reveals true service levels, margins and customer buying patterns. The fully integrated Aptean UnityF8 ERP system ensures your key information is visible, not hidden among multiple data sources.

Faster, Proactive Decision Making at Every Level

Empower your managers with the availability of real-time information and software that delivers food industry best practices as standard.

Enhances the Performance of Your Managers

Ensure all your management levels have the right reporting tools and information to act swiftly and effectively, without compromising security.

The Specialist Tool for Food and Drink Industry Reporting

As your company grows you find data splits across silos; knowledge of the business is stored in employees heads or hidden in paper files or departmental records. With no central version of the ‘truth’ available, making accurate analysis of trends, business strengths or weaknesses is impossible.

The all-in-one business integration provided by Aptean UnityF8 ERP transforms your control:

  • Gives instant visibility with role-based dashboards which present the urgent and important information and tasks requiring attention

  • Explores multi-level information with our management information system

  • Reports on demand with our built-in Report Writer

  • Provides mobile access to information on Android and iOS platforms

Act Smarter in Real-time With Triggers &and Alerts

Lacking the ability to make real-time decisions reduces your competitive edge. This is costly: without accurate information capital is tied up through the holding of too much finished stock.The reduced amount of information at your fingertips potentially leads to customers taking advantage. Aptean UnityF8 ERP enables your business to act in real-time on accurate information:

  • Provides customisable Triggers, Alerts & Events to support management by exception

  • Alerts activities that are impossible, for example overbooking production based on the input material

  • Automates alerts, e.g. automated QA alerts whenever an ingredient needed for production arrives on site

Move Ahead by Reporting on the Critical Data You Need To Succeed


  • Material utilisation and wastage (including life management)

  • Non-conformance, root cause and management actions

  • Factory floor activity and performance

  • Customer service and consumer complaints

  • SALES REPORTS: Service Level, YTD By Value / Margin / Volume / Weight Customer Buying Patterns, Complaints by Type

  • PURCHASE REPORTS: Supplier Performance, Material Pricing, Suggested Purchase Plan

  • PRODUCTION / STOCK REPORTS: Production Variance, Shelf Life / Slow-Moving stock Warehouse Utilisation

  • FINANCIAL REPORTS: Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, VAT return, EC sales, Intrastats, Aged Debtors, Creditors

Achieve Food Success as Standard

Gain absolute control of your food business with accurate reporting and insights for greater productivity, efficiency and control. Our food and beverage manufacturing ERP software delivers the reporting and business intelligence you need to drive growth and outperform your rivals.

Want to find out how Aptean UnityF8 ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

Ready to start transforming your business?

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