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Food and Beverage Manufacturing ERP Sales Software


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Food and Beverage Manufacturing ERP Sales Software

Feb 6, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Software To Achieve Growing Sales in Food Manufacturing
A food facility worker reviews products received.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing ERP Sales Software

Accelerating your food sales growth is difficult when your existing ERP/accounting software is at its limits. Remove this barrier with Aptean UnityF8 ERP, the specialist food ERP system for fast growing food and drink manufacturers.

From sales forecasting to supermarket trading to customer management, discover the sales best practices that empower our customer base of top UK food and beverage manufacturing companies.

Enhances your Sales Forecasting

Deliver more reliable sales forecasts, informed by seasonality, or by sales patterns of similar products when introducing new lines.

Streamlines Sales Order Management

Empower your sales team with support for pricing structures, promotions, smart call lists for telesales, EDI and a mobile sales app to take orders on customer sites.

Improves Customer Management

Control deliveries to be ‘on time, in full’, enforce credit controls, manage complaints and conformance, and manage pricing and rebates without delay or excess administration.

The Trusted IT Partner of Top Food Brands

Aptean is the trusted business partner of leading food makers across the UK.

Reveal Sales Opportunities With Forecasting

Often food and drink manufacturers lack the right tools or data for meaningful sales forecasting. Aptean UnityF8 ERP enables you to overcome common food sales challenges and enjoy class-leading capabilities across forecasting, Sales Order Management, Customer Management and Sales Reporting.

  • Provides sales forecasts including outlier manager and consolidated demand

  • Accounts for seasonality; easily manage seasonality profiles

  • Forecasts for future products through the analysis of similar previous products sales

Ensure Smarter Service With Sales Order Management

Be a smarter partner to your customers & ensure profitable ‘win win’ opportunities aren’t left to chance. With Aptean UnityF8 ERP you are able to take mobile orders, record site visitor reports, access analytics or enable your sales team to call the right people at the right time based upon their activity, or driven by templates identifying a prospect's user journey.

  • Provides a mobile sales app to support the Sales team through the provision of customer analytics and reports on site visits

  • Manages comprehensive pricing structures which accounts for special offers, promotions and deals

  • Enables customer buying pattern analysis and assists proactive teleprospecting through smart call lists

Optimise Performance With Customer Management Controls

When you fail to deliver on-time, in-full or to specification, this causes you financial and reputational repercussions. Dealing with customer returns is a further headache, as is manually applying rebates/discounts for customers. Aptean UnityF8 ERP eradicates these issues and more: it gives you an accurate view of debtor days and empowers you to create efficiencies in delivery planning.

  • Provides the management controls to ensure on-time, in-full and to specification deliveries

  • Gives your business control over financial postings

  • Controls complaint handling and returns history

  • Manages rebates and customer progress towards rebate targets with Sales analytics

  • Maintains and enforces credit controls

Software Designed for Food and Beverage Businesses

Take the fast route to growth with Aptean UnityF8 ERP, the specialist ERP/MRP system for the Food and Beverage sector. Powering 100+ food and drink manufacturing sites, Aptean technology has been developed over 30 years within the industry.

Want to find out how Aptean UnityF8 ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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