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From Mom & Pop to Large Repair Shops: Our Repair ERP Software Works for You

From Mom & Pop to Large Repair Shops: Our Repair ERP Software Works for You


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From Mom & Pop to Large Repair Shops: Our Repair ERP Software Works for You

Nov 5, 2018

Aptean Staff Writer
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Have you been wondering if repair software is the right fit for your company? Whether you’re a small shop with one technician or a big repair company with over 200 employees, you can (and should) level the playing field and reap the advantages of job shop software in a competitive market.

With an effective implementation strategy and vendor support, an ERP system provides the perfect fit for your company. ERP software solutions for the repair industry offer the following advantages over the manual or legacy solutions you may be utilizing now:

  • Scalable

A solution that grows with you and is capable of handling an increasing workload, as well as accommodate growth, is a necessity if you are a small shop needing inventory help or a large distribution company with multiple profit centers requiring value-added features – and every size in between. On-Premise and Cloud ERP deployment options are designed to support unlimited growth, capacity, adaptation and innovation, which makes an ERP solution the perfect fit for shops of any size.

  • Industry-Specific

ERP vendors that understand your industry's unique processes, terminology and end-user needs are the key to giving you an edge without retrofitting software that wasn’t designed for repair shops. An ERP provider that specializes in your industry offers a distinct advantage in deploying a solution that is well equipped to handle your organization’s processes, is more cost-effective to implement and maintain and can help with troubleshooting common industry roadblocks.   

  • Time Savings

With automated features that integrate all aspects of your company including accounting, inventory, warehouse and distribution, the time spent on work-flow processes and data entry is dramatically reduced. An ERP solutions’ mobility on the shop floor and in the field allows employees to enter data quickly and easily into the centralized database of the ERP, streamlining the process of receiving jobs, entering material changes, tracking equipment locations, entering time and completing inspection checklists. These time savings allow you to work on your business, instead of in it, opening the doors for growth.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

With customer needs and expectations driving the electric motor and service repair industry, the value-added functionality of an ERP solution allows you to remain customer-centric and competitive. The ERP system integrates scheduling and tracking of time and material, generation of estimates and quotes and provides job status analysis, keeping your customers at the forefront of your business. With complete customer history at your fingertips, you’ll have the big picture of consumer satisfaction with your company.

Whether your operation is a small service repair shop with a few employees or a larger job shop with manufacturing, distribution and service repair, Aptean understands your industry and has the scalable ERP software your company requires.

Contact us for a personalized demonstration of how Aptean's solutions for service repair shops are able to handle all of your business needs, saving you time and enhancing your customer experience.

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