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Aptean Service Repair, Traverse Edition - Electro-Mechanical Repair

Aptean Service Repair, Traverse Edition - Electro-Mechanical Repair


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Aptean Service Repair, Traverse Edition - Electro-Mechanical Repair

Mar 11, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer
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Electro-mechanical repair software from Aptean Service Repair Traverse Edition has been designed to provide a complete job management system for electric motor (AC/DC/Servo), generator and turbine repair, as well as diagnostic and value-added services – providing organized processes, increased profitability and better insight into your organization.

Integrated with critical business functions such as finance, human resources, quality assurance, inventory, sales and reporting, Aptean Service Repair offers a comprehensive solution from the initial estimate to the final invoice.

Developed for the Unique Needs of Service Repair Shops

  • Dynamic scheduling accounts for and responds to the daily realities of the shop

  • Track and manage repair history and job details regarding motors and equipment

  • Inspection checklists ensure consistent procedures and processes result in quality motor repairs

  • Streamline workflow processes, eliminating dual data entry

  • Identify operational bottlenecks and inventory lag time

  • Monitor employee efficiency and work performance

  • Manage the entire inbound service repair operation from start to finish

  • Enhance productivity

  • Facilitate a paperless work environment

Functionality Includes:


Facilitates dynamic job shop scheduling and allocation of employee resources by breaking down repair jobs into work centers - incorporating job completion time and promise dates. Daily work is organized by providing information on a daily, hourly, or minute-by-minute basis and is adjusted as activity occurs throughout the day.

Mobile Connectivity

Efficient, real-time and integrated mobile functionality that repair techs need in their fluid environment – utilizing a user-friendly interface. Receive jobs, complete inspections, manage pictures, control inventory and complete other necessary job functions from any mobile device on the shop floor. Mobile service repair software offers accessibility and real-time information to provide a better customer experience.

QA Configurator

Quality assurance or inspection checklists and reports can be created to ensure easy and accurate recording of data for repair jobs - utilizing pictures, help text and an unlimited number of media links to guide technicians through service repair completion.

Job Cost Analysis

Avoid cost overruns by accessing detailed information about the resources and time spent at each step of the repair process with job cost software – allowing comparisons of estimates against actuals with transparency into job status, staff allocations and deadlines.

Inventory Management / Non-Stock Inventory

Real-time management capabilities enable jobs to be completed efficiently and on-time. Inventory control tracking maintains appropriate safety stock and minimum quantity levels as items are picked for repair jobs. Purchase Orders tie materials to a particular job estimate to ensure items and costs are assigned to the correct job when ordered inventory arrives.

Customer Web Portal

Real-time online status availability provides complete information and transparency regarding a customer’s service repair - including job or order status, test results, digital photos and other job-related information.

Features Include:

Seamlessly handling each phase of the repair process within the software, electric motor repair software from Aptean documents and tracks every job movement on the shop floor, records time clock entry and assigns inventory as needed in the repair process. Specifically, the following features are available:

  • Mobile time clock management for employees

  • Service history accessibility

  • Mobile QA inspection

  • Job portal with online accessibility

Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Accreditation Program

EASA is a primary resource for providing specifications and standards for electric motor repair or electrical mechanical equipment - using prescribed good practices to maintain motor efficiency and reliability during electrical and mechanical repairs of motors. Aptean Service Repair’s motor shop software assists in providing documentation for compliance with:

  1. Quality Assurance (QA) inspection checklists that document EASA accredited jobs

  2. Maintaining employee training and certifications within the Human Resources application

Want to learn more about how our service repair software, Aptean Service Repair Traverse Edition, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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