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Aptean Service Repair, Traverse Edition - Fluid / Pneumatic Power Repair

Aptean Service Repair, Traverse Edition - Fluid / Pneumatic Power Repair


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Aptean Service Repair, Traverse Edition - Fluid / Pneumatic Power Repair

Feb 12, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer
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Aptean Service Repair Traverse Edition provides fluid and pneumatic power software designed to meet the manufacturing, distribution, service, installation and repair needs of in-house fluid power equipment shops with its integrated solution for all types of operations.

The comprehensive ERP software system helps shops gain enhanced visibility and streamline processes from the initial cost estimate to final billing - to ensure promise dates are met and customers receive superior service.

Supported Fluid and Pneumatic Power Service:

  • Hydraulic pumps motors, valves, cylinders and systems

  • Pneumatic actuation systems, actuators, controllers, fittings and valves

  • Fluid power systems

  • Air compressors

Functionality Includes:

Mobile Functionality

Manages necessary job functions on the shop floor and in the field to provide fast and efficient service from any mobile device.

Quotes and Work Orders

Track and manage repair history and job details regarding motors and equipment.

Vendor Integration

API integrations to the best of breed solutions allow users to integrate functionality that compliments their business practices.

Cost Estimates / Quotes

After the equipment arrives at the shop, factory-trained service technicians diagnose the problem, provide a solution and generate a detailed estimate for the job. Once the customer approves the quote, expert mechanics can automatically turn the estimate into a work order – entering it into the queue for scheduling of the equipment repair.


Dynamic scheduling for in-house repair includes factoring work center capacity, customer and job priorities and equipment availability, as advanced equipment is required for many fluid / pneumatic power jobs. Meeting promise dates is a top priority.

Inspection Checklists

Inspection lists and reports designed to meet particular air and fluid system requirements ensure the thorough performance of inspections to allow accurate recording of data for repair jobs – utilizing pictures, help text and media links to guide service technicians through flow and pressure testing, failure analysis and other equipment-specific inspections.

Inventory Management

Inventory control tracking maintains appropriate safety stock and minimum quality levels as needed for repair jobs – tying materials and costs to a particular job estimate when inventory arrives. For distributors of hydraulic and pneumatic components, the management of a broad assortment of stock requires maintaining and replenishing inventory as purchasing occurs by customers.

Preventative Maintenance / Service Contracts

Maintenance plans allow customers to avoid unscheduled shutdowns and minimize failures that invariably occur during inopportune times. These preventative inspections involve testing each piece of equipment and replacing worn seals, hoses and rings as necessary on a pre-determined schedule.

Integrate Your Key Operations:

  • Distribution - Selling of hydraulic and pneumatic components, systems, hydraulic power units, electronics and other quality products from respected manufacturers.

  • Manufacturing - Engineer, build and test complete systems from concept to completion, whether it be the design of a new system or redesigning an existing system. This can include hydraulics, pneumatics, control panels, electronic controls, manifold assemblies and custom hydraulic power units and systems.

  • Service, Repair, Installation - Whether equipment is brought in or shipped to the shop, service/repair is completed of hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and systems – including the replacement of fittings, seals, hoses, etc. or more extensive service such as machining or major parts replacement.

Benefits Include:

  • Automate and unify business processes

  • Easily track and order parts

  • Enhance performance

  • Support a paperless shop floor

  • Monitor employee efficiency and work performance

Want to learn more about how our service repair software, Aptean Service Repair Traverse Edition, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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