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Shop Scheduling Made Easy

Shop Scheduling Made Easy


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Shop Scheduling Made Easy

Jan 8, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer
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Static job shop scheduling is often ineffective in the repair industry due to its variety of moving parts. Because of this, a scheduling module within an ERP software system specifically designed for this dynamic environment is essential. If you’re a shop manager looking to eliminate the time spent worrying about your scheduling needs, it’s time to invest in a capacity-driven module that takes your operation to the next level. 

Why Use Service Repair Software With Aptean Scheduling?

Using a stand-alone database, retrofitted software or whiteboards to handle your scheduling needs causes you to miss out on the accuracy and time-savings available in an automated system with organizational capabilities. With a unified ERP scheduling system, you’ll handle customer calls with ease to ensure your company runs smoothly. You’ll have the capability to assess technician availability and view conflicting appointments – providing transparency and increasing customer satisfaction.

As the required hours, services performed and equipment purchased is entered by technicians, information is instantly captured to ensure proper billing and maintain historical service records. Repair software makes scheduling easy for your company, while at the same time improving the efficiency and productivity of your service operation.

How Does It Work?

Aptean Scheduling manages the movement and flow of your shop with little or no human interaction. Jobs are broken down into work centers (inspection, cleaning, winding, etc.) while concentrating on details such as the time required to complete the job and promise date in order to facilitate smart job scheduling and allocation of employee resources. Daily work is organized by providing information on a daily, hourly or minute-by-minute basis – adjusting as activity occurs throughout the day.

The solution facilitates “What if?” scenarios, testing if overtime should be approved or capacity increased, providing the opportunity to make adjustments to the “live” environment when needed. Shop floor scheduling also includes the ability to organize multiple lines when more than one employee is completing jobs in the same type of work center.

What Are the Advantages of Service Repair Scheduling?

  • Customers have access to job portals to check on job status – increasing customer satisfaction and lessening the risk of losing customers

  • Identification of issues before they become problems

  • Reduction of overtime costs with effective management and scheduling of workload

  • Decreases shop manager’s time spent addressing scheduling needs

  • Forecasts work capacity days, weeks or months into the future

  • Easily recognizes when parts are due to arrive, automatically notifies you if parts will be late and schedules work orders when the parts have arrived

If you’re in need of a dynamic shop scheduling software solution that organizes, tracks and schedules jobs for the service industry, Aptean provides the tools you need to automate and optimize your shop floor operations. Contact us today for a demonstration of how our integrated scheduling software can work for your service repair shop.

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