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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Manage by Exception with Smart Monitoring and Reporting

Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Manage by Exception with Smart Monitoring and Reporting


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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Manage by Exception with Smart Monitoring and Reporting

Feb 25, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Monitor Key Statistics To Help Maximise Warehouse Productivity
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In the busy and hectic environment of a dynamic warehouse, the monitoring of normal and exception activity is key to the operation, as well as assisting the daily decision making that is essential to the smooth running of any business. The essence of a quality warehouse management system is its ability to provide valid and accurate management information easily, reliably and immediately to each authorised member of staff, allowing them to manage by exception.

The speed at which a busy warehouse operates, and must react, in today’s high volume, short timescale environment makes it essential that the warehouse team embrace the concept of exception management. This ensures they are not swamped by the volume of activity, and can focus their attention on the key issues. Aptean WMS has been designed to simplify the management process by providing full visibility of the warehouse operation, trapping exceptions as they occur and alerting management promptly that action is necessary. This includes events that have occurred that should not have occurred, for example a short pick, or events that have not occurred that should, for example a despatch.

Access to information, both real time and historical, is essential and the need to have up to date reporting is a primary requirement for all warehouse operations. Aptean WMS provides both real-time enquires and a wide range of reporting options to assist the warehouse team in managing the day to day operation and analysing historical data. Aptean WMS is designed to provide a wide range of useful enquiries and reports based on specific data analysis.

In addition, Aptean provides end user reporting tools that allow the transfer of key data into a data warehouse, or business intelligence software, for sophisticated user-defined business reports. Aptean WMS facilitates immediate and easy access to key knowledge enabling the warehouse team to act or respond without delay, rather than waiting for a report to be written for them.

Key Monitoring and Reporting Benefits

  • Manage by exception

  • Gain visibility of your operation

  • Real-time information

  • Track historical trends

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