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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Increase Accuracy Using RF Scanning

Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Increase Accuracy Using RF Scanning


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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Increase Accuracy Using RF Scanning

Feb 15, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Scan Locations and Every Item Picked to Ensure Accuracy
Scanning stock inventory

The biggest saving of costs and time in a warehouse is to move away from paper picking. The removal of picking errors and rekeying mistakes help any warehouse have a productivity boost. Picking, putaway, replenishment, and stock taking instructions are all transmitted directly to the warehouse personnel on either handheld or truck mounted RF devices.

As warehouse tasks are actioned, the locations, cases and pallets will be scanned, as appropriate, ensuring the correct locations and items have been selected. Systems are updated in real-time and tasks can be interleaved to improve productivity.

Aptean WMS integrates with the latest RF scanning technology requiring no specialist programming of the terminals. The server sees the RF terminal like any other terminal on the system. This simplifies initial implementation and system maintenance, keeping running costs as low as possible.

Aptean WMS provides a paperless and highly efficient warehouse environment. The task manager allocates the various tasks to the most appropriate warehouse operative to optimise travel time. Utilising either hand held or truck mounted terminals, the WMS then informs the operative of the next task to be performed and the warehouse location to which they must go to carry out that function. The WMS covers all the main warehouse processes including receipting, put away, picking, replenishment, and stocktaking.

Aptean WMS supports dual cycling so that picking, putaway replenishment, and other tasks are interleaved for maximum efficiency. Orders can be released individually or grouped, and then picked by batch or wave.

RF Scanning Key Benefits

  • Increase accuracy

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce task times

  • Gain warehouse visibility

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