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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Why Voice Picking Increases Efficiency

Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Why Voice Picking Increases Efficiency


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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Why Voice Picking Increases Efficiency

Mar 4, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Keep Your Hands Free and Improve Productivity

Whilst bar code scanning is well suited to many warehouse applications, for some tasks a voice picking system can provide significant benefits. Voice picking enables your warehouse team to communicate with their WMS directly, by listening and speaking via a headset connected to a terminal worn on their belt, and revolutionises the way they work. Voice picking delivers significant benefits for the workers, and performance improvements for the company.

Voice picking software advises the operative of the next task or action by use of a verbal command. The response will be by simple verbal verification of the action or verbal response with product code, location number or check digit, thus improving accuracy.

Voice picking using Aptean WMS frees the operative’s hands allowing him or her to work faster without working harder. Moreover, use of voice technology means that the operative’s eyes are focused on completion of the task in hand and not moving from terminal to warehouse locations, helping to improve accuracy. For certain warehouse functions voice picking can result in productivity gains of up to 10% over RF scanning.

Voice Picking Key Benefits

  • Communicate verbally

  • Increase accuracy

  • Improve productivity

  • Integrate with other picking solutions

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