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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Take Control with a Warehouse Map

Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Take Control with a Warehouse Map


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Aptean WMS, Proteus Edition - Take Control with a Warehouse Map

Mar 6, 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Place Stock in the Most Suitable Locations, Optimising Storage Capability and Increase Resource Efficiency
Warehouse and shelves

The successful and effective management of a busy and complex warehouse relies upon the control and location of stock within the warehouse. It is essential that stock is located in the most suitable locations, to optimise storage capability and increase resource efficiency. It is critical that the warehouse team has control and visibility at all times. A warehouse needs to be defined in multiple ways to reflect your individual characteristics, with your own location descriptions. This could be based on Area, Aisle, Row, Tier and Bin, but does not have to be, and can be different within specific areas of each warehouse.

Aptean WMS provides the ability to easily define the characteristics of each warehouse location (e.g. type, size, weight capacity) and the operational rules that apply to those locations. Our WMS delivers the ability to define types of locations as Re-pack, P&D, Make, Quarantine, Transit Locations, as well as Receipts, Bulk, Pick or Despatch and these can be applied to individual locations or groups of locations. For example, location attributes such as Ambient, Frozen or Standard and Euro Pallets or Pick Zone 1, 2, or 3.

The flexibility of the warehouse map in Aptean WMS enables warehouse managers to transpose the way they want their warehouse to work, in accordance with their operational rules. You can define the parameters including best routes around the warehouse, which stock goes where, picking sequences, putaway rules, and technology zones i.e. voice area, RF scanning areas, or simple paper-based picking areas.

The ability to define different warehouse maps for multiple warehouses and to encompass a variety of rules in the many areas, zones, rows, aisles and tiers of each warehouse enables the warehouse operations team to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the business as new products or operational practices are introduced.

Warehouse Map Key Benefits

  • Location capacity checks

  • Multi-warehouse

  • Overflow locations

  • Flexible location types

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