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What is ERP Software - eCommerce

What is ERP Software - eCommerce


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What is ERP Software - eCommerce

Dec 1, 2015

Aptean Staff Writer


Compiere E-commerce provides an online store that is fully integrated with the rest of your ERP data and business rules. This means that you can run a web store without maintaining independent E-commerce and ERP applications, without periodic synchronization or additional complex integration. The web store components utilize cascading style sheets to ensure a consistent look-and-feel within the store and your external web site.

Online Product Catalog

Users are able to view and search the product catalog. Product images and specifications are stored for each product and can be displayed on the web store at the user's discretion. Hierarchies can be set up in the product catalog to simplify searching using product category or product attributes.

Online Pricing and Availability

Support multiple classes of customers, such as end-users and trade customers by applying security rules. Security can limit access to selected products or product categories and to particular price lists.

Additionally, you can configure E-commerce to display product availability as either 'available to promise' or the actual inventory quantity.

Online Sales Transactions

Compiere enables users to add items to the Shopping Basket via the Product Catalog or web form request. Item quantities can be changed or removed from the shopping basket. It is mandatory to sign on with secure access to retrieve stored customer information. The payment information is then entered or confirmed.

Compiere supports payment processing using Verisign PayFlowPro and AuthorizeNet. Before submitting the payment for authorization, the credit card number can be verified for data entry errors. This ensures that transaction fees are minimized for rejected transactions resulting purely from erroneous data entry.

After receiving the payment confirmation, the order is created and the receipt is displayed together with the authorization code received from the payment gateway. Compiere optionally sends email notifications regarding the transaction to the customer as well as to the web order processing team.

User and Customer Management

User information can be stored as cookies enabled to allow automatic detection and sign in functionality. Users are required to authorize their email address to reduce the possibility of fraudulent transactions. The system monitors all web requests, then collects web statistics to analyze E-commerce activity, and quickly identifies visitors to the site as well as click counts.

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