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What is ERP Software - Manufacturing

What is ERP Software - Manufacturing


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What is ERP Software - Manufacturing

Dec 1, 2015

Aptean Staff Writer


Compiere Manufacturing is an end-to-end planning and control solution that streamlines and automates critical business processes resulting in lower manufacturing costs and improved efficiencies. It is a tightly integrated, industrial-strength manufacturing solution encompassing all aspects of manufacturing including MRP, Production Control, Cost Management, and Reporting. And it is low cost, available on-premise or using cloud computing..

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Compiere Manufacturing incorporates a robust MRP engine and use forecasts, customer orders and inventory levels to create a material plan and automatically generate purchase and work orders. A Planner's Workbench provides visibility into gross and net demand based on available inventory, open purchase orders and open work orders. Dynamic re-planning provides immediate recommendations based on changes in demand.

Tight Production Control

With Compiere Manufacturing work orders are based on the schedule created by MRP, and the corresponding routings and operations needed to manufacture an item, sub-assembly, or final assembly. Features such as multi-step routings provide flexibility and control. Labor, material, and scrap are tracked in detail at the operation level allowing tight control of important resources.

Enhanced Cost Management and Reporting

Controlling costs is an essential goal of manufacturing. Compiere Manufacturing tracks and calculates material, labor, overhead, and job order costs. Core reports such as job value analysis and production reporting allow managers insight into possible corrective actions. A flexible report writer fulfils management, operational, or ad-hoc reporting and analysis requirements.

Low Cost, Adaptable and Modern Platform

Compiere Manufacturing is a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing systems because it replaces high upfront license fees and ongoing maintenance costs with a low cost, user-based subscription fee. Built on a modern, highly adaptable application development platform, it can be customized without programming -- a first in the ERP industry -- lowering deployment costs even further. Compiere's advanced migration tool eliminates the high costs of migrating customizations to new releases. All created using the latest technology to provide a modern, browser-based interface, and with the choice to deploy it on-premise, SaaS, or on the Cloud.

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