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What is ERP Software - Service

What is ERP Software - Service


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What is ERP Software - Service

Dec 1, 2015

Aptean Staff Writer


Compiere Service, also known as Requests, is a system for accumulating and tracking activities from initiation to closure. One of the most common activities tracked with Service are customer service requests. As with most Compiere capabilities, the information associated with a Request including fields, stages, assignment and workflow rules, and the accounting impact are all customizable.

Workflow Drives Results

To ensure requests are addressed on a timely basis, you can set up assignment, notification and escalation rules. Optionally you may send confirmation email to the requester that confirms receipt of the request and communicate details such as the assigned service engineer or the service level agreement for that particular type of request. Company employees such as an account executive or support engineer can access the request from their work queue or from within the customer record.

Self-Service Online Inquiry

Self-service allows customers to submit new requests and query the requests database from a web browser. The information may be used for such purposes as obtaining service or checking status on an account balances or invoices. Self-service can also be used to allow customers to self-register for permission based marketing lists or to download product and service documentation.

Case Management Solution

The Compiere Case Management Solution is a ready-to-deploy functional extension to the Services capability. Customer Service departments and end customers benefit from easy and secure access for logging new requests, checking status and updating existing requests, and reviewing closed requests. Case Management includes streamlined views, improved reports and secure customer access via the web. The Compiere Case Management solution is included in the Compiere Enterprise Edition.

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