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Pipp Mobile Storage Solutions Thrives With the Cohesive Aptean Solutions Suite


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Pipp Mobile Storage Solutions Thrives With the Cohesive Aptean Solutions Suite

Feb 6, 2024

Aptean Staff Writer
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Leading storage solutions provider Pipp Mobile Storage Solutions—or simply “Pipp”—is known for designing and manufacturing high-quality storage products tailored for a variety of situations. Since 1981, the company has been creating space-saving storage needs that help solve the shelving problems of businesses that need to make optimal use of limited space.

At the core of Pipp’s manufacturing business is our purpose-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Made2Manage Editionsoftware specifically made for mixed-mode and to-order discrete manufacturers. Over nearly two decades of partnership, the business has expanded its tech stack with other complementary Aptean solutions, including Aptean Pay and Aptean Smart Hub.

In this blog, you’ll discover how Pipp was able to achieve its goal of growing through acquisitions to become a leader in the market with the help of Aptean’s technology. Pipp’s IT director, Tonya Butler, recently shared her experience working with Aptean and how her business utilizes Aptean’s industrial manufacturing software to address the business’s challenges.

Partnering With Aptean Makes Pipp a Market Leader

Pipp’s ambition was clear: to grow and lead the industry through strategic acquisitions. And with Aptean by its side, providing solutions that streamline operational processes, the company’s leadership were able to achieve its goals—and more.

Pipp utilizes ERP software to help manage daily back-office business operations like production, procurement, inventory, sales, accounting, distribution and reporting. But not all ERPs are the same; there are generic systems sold as-is, off–the-shelf. Then there are industry-specific systems tailored to provide end-to-end visibility and flexibility of a company’s entire operations, with specialized capabilities like job costing, material management and production scheduling that only software vendors with decades of collective industry experience—like Aptean—can provide.

“I have a very good relationship with the Aptean team,” Butler said. “It truly is not a customer-vendor relationship, it's a partnership. We can make sure that Aptean is fulfilling the needs of our company to move us into that next phase, whatever that may be for us. So, it's been really good.”

Aptean’s superior solutions tailored for discrete manufacturers, combined with complementary software, have helped Pipp increase efficiency and productivity, contributing to the business’s rise as a market leader.

“Well, the company's goal is to continue to grow through acquisitions and become the leader in the market. And we've done all of that,” said Butler. ”And Aptean’s software just helps us; the additional technology advancements, the movement forward that Aptean makes yearly, quarterly. It seems like every time you turn around, there's something new. It’s just another push into that next, more automated, more accurate way of doing business.”

Transitioning to Aptean’s Cloud-Based ERP

Butler states that moving to the cloud enabled Pipp to access all the tools it required when the business adopted a hybrid model that allowed staff to work at home. With a cloud-based ERP, Pipp’s employees aren’t tethered to their workstation—as long as they’re connected to the internet, they’re able to access data from any location whether on the plant floor, in the field or at home.

On top of having convenient access to data anywhere, moving to the cloud means Pipp can easily scale up to match its fast-paced growth without the need to purchase expensive hardware or manage data center upgrade costs. Moreover, integrations to other software are done seamlessly, limiting downtime, which is crucial for Pipp to maintain productivity.

“Going to the cloud will be much easier than trying to setup our network and access all the tools. This is a much better solution for us as we continue to grow.”

Tonya ButlerIT DirectorPipp Mobile Storage Solutions

Leveraging ERP’s Automation Capabilities for Business Growth

Pipp leverages many modules of Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP, including Shop Floor Manager, a solution that streamlines shop floor control and consolidates labor and inventory transactions into one efficient platform. In addition, the Supervisor Console offers real-time production data, material status checks, work order management and seamless communication. Pipp is also using the Work Center Console providing an online dispatch list, work order details, labor recording, material issuance and inventory management.

Through these modules, Pipp was able to automate many of its processes. Butler highlighted how Aptean solutions provides the automation the business needs as it grows.

Because it was developed specifically for discrete manufacturers, Aptean’s ERP for industrial manufacturing is the perfect solution for Pipp, on both the shop floor and in the accounting department.

“If you can get more technology involved, you get better accuracy, and you don’t have to hire as many people because the system does the work for you instead of the people doing the work for you,” Butler said, speaking of the automations the system provides.

Butler believes Pipp is headed in the right direction, and technology will continue to play a central role in the company’s operations and strategies—and meanwhile, Aptean can keep them up-to-date with technological advancements.

“I'm a big believer—you get a big benefit moving forward with the integration of the new modules that Aptean offers,” Butler said. “The solutions work together, and they're supported together. You don't have the connectivity issues, or third party promises that ‘we can make anything work.’ It's been proven time and time and time again that if we just follow Aptean’s lead with the technologies that they’re putting in place, everything works as it should.”

Eliminating Manual Accounting Processes With Aptean Pay

To leverage automation further, Pipp plans to integrate Aptean Pay, a cloud-native payment platform to get paid faster, which Butler knows will enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the business’s accounting processes.

“When we go live with Aptean Pay, that will be huge in our accounting department, not having to utilize all that paperwork, and things will just kind of go where they're supposed to go automatically,” said Butler.

Aptean Pay revolutionizes payment processing, offering businesses a convenient way to accept credit and debit card payments online. Customers can securely save card details for quick future transactions.

“I think it's kind of all encompassing. It works together,” Butler said. “You just start and see the differences from a user perspective and company perspective, and you're more efficient. Users aren't distressed because things are doing what they're supposed to be doing without you having to monitor them all the time.”

The Benefits of Aptean and Its Complementary Technology

To increase operational efficiency, Pipp also implemented Aptean Smart Hub—an automation and integration engine that allows users to streamline processes and the flow of information between various apps and modules.

The solution—which can be seen as the vital “connective tissue” of an industrial manufacturer’s tech stack—has helped Pipp respond to customer questions, de-escalate problems before they’re out of hand and deliver finished products more quickly.

Through automation, Pipp was able to do more with less effort and reduce errors, which is crucial in its organizational success.

Aptean Smart Hub features automated notifications for events and efficient tracking of responses. It enhances decision-making with role-based messaging, promotes collaboration through mobile communication and streamlines tasks through automation. Plus, this versatile solution ensures timely event monitoring and easy integration for immediate utilization.

“I would say the biggest benefit is when we purchased Aptean Smart Hub. The ability to automate a lot of processes, notifications, catching things that fall through with human error. We wouldn't be doing what we do today without it. It has been a game changer for us, and I would recommend it to anybody. It is a fantastic consistent solution.”

Tonya ButlerIT DirectorPipp Mobile Storage Solutions

On Recommending Aptean and Its Solutions

Aside from Aptean Pay, Pipp will also be implementing Aptean CRM, Aptean EDI and Aptean Ship once the company’s migration to the cloud is complete. Butler appreciates the fact that she’s getting the support and resources she needs from a partner who understands Pipp’s unique business needs.

“Aptean cares about what we do, and they care that their software is doing what we want it to do and need it to do to run our business,” Butler said.

Aptean has a dedicated team of professionals that strive to add value and act as a partner to each and every client, helping to ensure better business outcomes and produce the results organizations need today. We provide superior solutions and offer outstanding support to keep solutions functioning smoothly.

“Aptean is customer-focused and technology-driven,” said Butler “Even when there are challenges, they continue to move forward. And at the end of the day, they figure it out. I’m never left hanging. I always have a resource to help—they’re our partners and know what we do.”

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