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Flexible and Robust Chemical ERP

Want to streamline operations and bring products to market quicker and cheaper? All while complying with stringent compliance regulations? You’ll need our specialized ERP for chemical manufacturing.

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What Can Chemical ERP

Do for Your Company?

Developed To Conquer the Chemical Industry’s Unique Challenges

The goal of your chemical manufacturing business is to excel in a highly regulated and competitive market. To help you do so, our fully integrated and comprehensive chemical ERP eliminates costly errors, improves efficiency and provides accurate, real-time information.

We understand that ensuring quality through testing, documentation and complying with ever-changing government regulations, including GHS compliance and SDS authoring, is critical for chemical manufacturers to succeed in business. Whether you are a private-label, co-packer or produce your own line of residential, commercial or industrial specialty chemical products, we support your unique requirements.

Here at Aptean, we have in-depth experience working with a wide variety of companies in the chemical industry that manufacture everything from cleaning products and polymers, to adhesives and paint.

Armed with this expertise, we’re able to incorporate the critical needs of your industry with process manufacturing best practices to develop a purpose-built solution that propels your business to the next level.

How Aptean’s ERP for Chemical Manufacturers Supports Your Business

With our experience in the sector, we’ve developed a best-in-industry chemical ERP solution. These features, among many others, will streamline your processes and boost performance:

  • Established formula management system

  • Reliable lot tracking to aid in product recalls

  • Effective batch sizing and scaling

  • Trusted Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliance capability

  • Integrated SDS authoring

  • Robust R&D functionality for new product development

  • Flexible quality control and management

  • Real-time inventory and financials

  • Mobile warehouse management system

Ready to get started improving your chemical manufacturing operation? Get in touch with our experts to find out how, now.

Success With Aptean Chemical ERP

Hammond Group Reduces IT Costs and Increases Productivity

As a chemical company with plants in the US and abroad, Hammond Group knew that if the company was to grow and maintain its reputation for customer care, it needed to invest in systems that would cut operational costs while still focusing on its customers.

That’s where Aptean ERP for chemical manufacturing came in. Hammond Group implemented our specialized solution to handle both front and back-office needs and saw a resulting 39% decrease in IT costs in the first year of operation. The solution provides a portal that allows customers to manage elements of their own accounts, including pulling certificates of analysis—something extremely important to its many customers in the chemical industry.

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Ontgrendel chemisch-specifieke functies en krijg het voordeel van Aptean

Klaar om alle manieren te verkennen waarop Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP zal helpen de activiteiten van uw bedrijf te verzekeren met speciaal gebouwde tools voor uw unieke uitdagingen?

U hebt waarschijnlijk veel vragen over onze oplossingen en het implementatieproces, om nog maar te zwijgen over de middelen die u als organisatie moet aangaan.

De meeste leveranciers van ERP-oplossingen zullen u op verzoek graag een prijsopgave verstrekken, maar het is belangrijk dat u uw behoeften en verwachtingen duidelijk kunt overbrengen, zodat hun teams een realistisch en nauwkeurig cijfer kunnen produceren. In deze blogpost gaan we in op de belangrijkste overwegingen die u moet maken voordat u uw aanvraag voor een ERP-offerte indient , en hoe u het proces het beste kunt uitvoeren.

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Ready to start transforming your chemical operations?

We’ve got the specialized chemical ERP solution you need to conquer your industry challenges.


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