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Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition Case Study: Partnerlink

Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition Case Study: Partnerlink


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Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition Case Study: Partnerlink

19 Aug 2020


  • Aptean Routing & Scheduling Helps Partnerlink Deliver Accurate Freight Tracking

Partnerlink is a freight-sharing network that offers the efficient and direct movement of freight to its ultimate destination. Working on a point-to-point basis, the network eliminates multiple handling and wasted miles that occur when operating a traditional hub and spoke distribution arrangement.

Partnerlink reaches all corners of the UK, offering strong regional distribution and excellent customer service for its users. The partners within the network share knowledge, resources and values that allow them to deliver the very highest quality solutions with the very best customer service.

The Challenge

The Partnerlink network has six key shareholders, and so the ability to see where the freight is within the network at any time is crucial to the successful running of the operation. But the scale of growth across the network, combined with outdated processes, were creating significant challenges:

  • Transporting over 12,000 pallets a week with a fleet size of over 1,700 trucks

  • Limited visibility of freight movement across partner networks

  • Manual, time-consuming processes to track consignments and chase deliveries

The Solution

Partnerlink recognized the need to invest significantly in a more advanced system to enable more accurate freight tracking capabilities. So, company leaders began identifying technology providers who could offer them a solution that would meet their exact requirements. The solution needed to be able to:

  • Automate processes to eliminate the need for manual data entry and driver check-ins

  • Capture signatures for deliveries and automatically update the system for real-time status visibility

  • Communicate between the drivers and back office for more streamlined processes

  • Bring operational transparency, real-time information and improve customer service

The Result

The benefits of implementing our purpose-built routing and scheduling software, Aptean Routing & Scheduling Calidus Edition have been four-fold for Partnerlink—enabling the company to stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to its operation.

  • Track freight in real time regardless of delivery handler

  • Reduce time and cost to track consignments

  • Improve customer communications to inform on delivery status

  • Boost driver happiness and increase driver retention levels