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Business Solutions: Aptean Pay

Business Solutions: Aptean Pay


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Business Solutions: Aptean Pay

24 Mar 2021


If you're tired of the hassle and delays of processing paper checks, or if your current method of accepting digital payments still involves manual data entry, Aptean Pay can help. Aptean Pay is a cloud-native platform that allows you to get paid faster by sending invoices to your customers digitally and accepting their payments immediately.

This easy-to-use payment platform integrates with Aptean ERPs from food and beverage, to distribution, to industrial manufacturing, so payment transactions are captured automatically, with no additional data entry required. In a single, seamless workflow, you can send payment requests to your customers.

You can also set up digital invoices and receipts to be sent programmatically via email. Here's the experience from your customer's point-of-view: when they receive an invoice from you, they can pay immediately through Aptean's user-friendly payer portal. With just a few clicks, they can make a payment using a debit card, credit card or ACH.

This means you can accept payments even before processing and shipping their orders. Back in your ERP, payment transactions are automatically captured and reconciled. As you can imagine, automating the accounts receivable reconciliation process dramatically reduces time spent on manual data entry.

And since Aptean Pay reconciles payment transactions in your ERP nearly instantly, you get more accurate up-to-date financial reports. When you're ready to automate and streamline your payment processes with a modern, integrated and cloud-native payment platform, Aptean Pay can help you get paid faster and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. To learn more, contact us today.

Curious about a payment processing platform that can integrate with our ERP systems? Reach out today to learn more.

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