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Ready for Precision PLM Software

Why struggle with document reviews, losing critical emails, formulating with a spreadsheet somewhere in a shared folder and other issues when a tailor-made solution exists for you? 

Work more efficiently and cost-effectively with Aptean PLM Lascom Edition

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Improve Your Innovation Rate and Time to Market

Streamline Your Product Development

Bring your teams together to launch trouble-free new projects based on an accurate evaluation of your marketing ideas or your clients' requests. From ideation to product launch, monitor all the milestones of your projects with accuracy ensuring your resources are notified when they have tasks to perform and they can prioritise their work easily. With dedicated reports you're able to better manage your teams' workload and quickly identify delays.

Boost the Innovation Rate of Your R&D

Equip your Research and Development team with a powerful and intuitive formulation tool that's able to detect any mismatch between a formula and its brief. With our advanced PLM system you can keep track of all your prototypes so you can quickly start a new product development based on an existing knowledge database. And you can free your teams from time-consuming calculations so they can focus on innovation.

Simplify Your Quality and Regulatory Department

With a few clicks, you can generate the list of ingredients and nutritional values, in accordance with various regulations. To further streamline processes, you're able to edit your product technical sheets using custom templates and gather all documents required for the Product Information File (PIF). And centralise quality events related to your products, such as non-conformities, complaints or cosmetovigilance cases.

Collaborate With All Stakeholders

Say goodbye to information silos. With Aptean PLM software, your partners can share information and iterate with you in the same location, you can capture raw material or packaging specifications directly from your suppliers and give direct access to your graphic artists. Audits of your suppliers' sites and performance indicators are even dematerialised and stored for thorough analysis and follow-up.

“With Aptean PLM, we were able to make our data more reliable and to work with traceable validation processes.”

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A PLM System Tailored to Your Industry

To successfully develop products, your operation needs to be as efficient and agile as possible. That’s why you need a solution that streamlines your processes instead of restricting you. Enter Aptean PLM—helping you manage your entire product portfolio with ease and efficiency. 

Although designed for all CPG industries, Aptean PLM includes specific features for food and beverage including recipes, formulas, packaging and time to market. 

With Aptean PLM, you can reuse existing products or prototypes to: 

  • Drive your New Product Development (NPD) process

  • Formulate following marketing or client instructions effectively

  • Develop your packaging and artworks

  • Manage and generate your product specification sheets

  • Ensure your product complies with many regulatory aspects like ingredients and nutrition statements or screening for regulated substances

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Why Choose Aptean PLM Software?

Because Aptean PLM is a packaged SaaS solution, implementation and integration are quick—reducing time and hassle for you and ensuring that your organisation starts benefiting as soon as possible. To quickly improve your food and beverage or cosmetics business, Aptean PLM offers key functionalities such as: 

  • Project management

  • Formulation

  • Management of technical data sheets

  • Regulations labeling 

In addition, we’ve concentrated the knowledge gained from many years of experience with our customers into this "out of the box" PLM solution so you get a precision solution matched exactly to your needs.

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Comprehensive Functionality for Your Needs

Packaged Solution Ready to Use

Because we know your time is precious, our PLM software is packaged and ready to use with a SaaS deployment model. You can of course customise it, but the handling can begin immediately. In addition, we offer training packages to help you control your integration budget as well as the deployment schedule.

Product Portfolio Management

Get a clear view of your product and project portfolio with the user-friendly Aptean PLM search function. Each result looks like a catalog with images and essential information. You can also manage your activity with our integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tool and visualise your data through indicators and dashboards.

Formulation and Manufacturing

Formulate efficiently with a tool that alerts you when thresholds are exceeded. In addition, the formulation instantly calculates the ingredients / INCI list, nutritional values, costs and more according to the rules you set. You can also define the manufacturing process associated with each formula, including quantities, machines, parameters, tests and documentation.

New Product Development and Workflows

Manage the entire new product development cycle. Our NPD features – including workflows, stage gate management, automated notifications, Gantt chart visualisation, milestones and reporting – enable you to easily develop new products.

Packaging and Artwork Development

Manage the entire process of packaging innovation. We help you create, manage and validate your packaging specifications. Features, such as artworks proofing and comparison, optimise your entire graphic chain process.

Product Specification and Document Management

Efficiently manage your product specifications—from entering information to automatically generating documents from templates. Our PLM software integrates an electronic document management system to store documents and record products and raw materials.

Lifecycle Management

Keep your data repository up to date with lifecycle management features. Easily find the use cases of components in your different products and formulas. Mass replacement will allow you to automatically replace a raw material with another in the formulas that use it while recalculating them and managing their versioning.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintain compliance with the regulations of the countries where your products are marketed using features such as requirements checking, automatic generation of ingredient lists in several languages and nutrition facts generation. You can also track cosmetovigilance incidents and generate your product information file (PIF).

Supplier Management

Give suppliers the opportunity to help you keep your data up to date. Thanks to the supplier portal, suppliers can directly enter the data of raw materials, packaging, their company and sites directly in your PLM. And, with the integrated workflow engine, you directly manage the content and timing of exchanges.

Ready to transform your business?

We’ve got the specialised industry software to help your organisation thrive.

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