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Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Integrated Financial Software for Wholesalers

Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Integrated Financial Software for Wholesalers


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Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Integrated Financial Software for Wholesalers

Jul 9, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Single View of Your Company Finances
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Our financial software for wholesalers combines your cash book, sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, with the rest of the Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition wholesale solution, providing you with a single, integrated end-to-end software solution for your business. The easy to use software delivers a full accounting audit trail and management accounts whenever they are required.

One View of Company Finances

Complete financial management with real-time information on sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, all from one easy to use platform.

Easy Account Reconciliation

Includes electronic bank reconciliation for multiple bank accounts, saving valuable time and cutting administrative costs.

Generate Accurate Reports

Supports audits by providing a full accounting trail and saves time with easy-to-produce reports with instant access to information.

Optimise Processes

Our integrated financial software, optimises your financial management processes, protects your cash flow and generates accurate reports in an instant.

All Bases Covered

With full visibility of your entire financial management processes on a single platform, our integrated financial software keeps your cash flowing and helps you control your accounting processes.

Sales Ledger

As well as providing the fundamental credit status checks on customers, this software also stores 2 payment conditions per customer. Includes:

  • Quickly produces open item and balance forward accounts

  • Performs fast cheque limit monitoring

  • Enables master accounting, linking regional accounts to head office for invoice and statement purposes

  • Protects against bad debts by monitoring customer credit limits

  • Fully BACS receivable

Purchase Ledger

Gives you instant access to supplier information, strengthens your payment control and delivers a holistic view of company finances. Includes:

  • Automatically updates the Goods Received Note (GRN) from the purchase order with invoice matching, ensuring bonus and long-term agreements are monitored and reported

  • Places invoices on hold if inaccurate, with automatic credit requests sent to suppliers for inaccuracies

  • Produces a ‘due for payment’ report when paying a supplier and automatically deducts any discounts or settlements

  • Fully BACS payable

Nominal Ledger

Offers simple, secure and sophisticated features. Includes:

  • Guides the user through straightforward journals through to final accounts production

  • Provides easily produced reports for presentation purposes


Optimise your financial management processes, protect your cash flow and generate accurate reports. Contact us to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo to find out more about how Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition can help your business.

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