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Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Stock and Warehouse Management Software for Wholesalers

Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Stock and Warehouse Management Software for Wholesalers


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Aptean Distribution ERP, SWORDS Edition - Stock and Warehouse Management Software for Wholesalers

Jan 7, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Take Control of Your Warehouse and Increase Accuracy in Your Stock Control
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Specifically designed for the wholesale industry, the Aptean wholesale system, Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition, is the only stock and warehouse management software you will need. It delivers an effective and accurate stock control system for your warehouse, providing you with real-time stock data and stock-tracking information. The software includes invaluable features such as pick-face control, batch control and it monitors best before dates which enable easy traceability and tracking of sensitive stock items.

With full visibility of warehouse activity, you can monitor staff productivity and maximise operational performance. Your picking lists can be sequenced to suit the operation of your business. The stock management software customisation options include bin location, delivery route and product type.

Take Control of Your Warehouse

Monitor and control movements of stock in your warehouse with automated processes from goods-in, picking lists and order replenishment. With real-time analysis and reporting you’ll have complete visibility of productivity, inventory management and warehouse space utilisation.

Flexible, Scalable System

A flexible solution so you can customise operations according to bin location, delivery route and product type. You can also integrate to the latest Radio Frequency (RF) technology or voice directed WMS (Warehouse Management System) software for further efficiency benefits. Both solutions increase speed, accuracy and productivity of your picking operation.

Streamlined Processes and Cost Saving

Aptean Distribution ERP helps you to reduce manual workload by streamlining processes, for example saving you time by continuously monitoring stock levels and cutting costs by providing you with real-time information to make informed stock purchasing decisions.

One-stop Solution for Warehouse Management

With our stock and warehouse management software, you can:

  • Receive goods with confidence, as all deliveries are checked against purchase orders

  • Complete efficient and accurate stock takes periodically to minimise disruption

  • Tailor the system to your individual requirements and support growth with additional modules such as voice directed WMS or Radio Frequency (RF) WMS

  • Generate automatic stock replenishment alerts when pick-faces are at a predefined level

  • Monitor all best before dates and batch controlled items to save you money

  • Easily produce picking lists to suit your picking operation


Take control of your warehouse with stock and warehouse management software. Discover how Aptean Distribution ERP SWORDS Edition can help your business get ahead. Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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