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How to Effectively Manage Customer Relationships

How to Effectively Manage Customer Relationships


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How to Effectively Manage Customer Relationships

25 Sep 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Your customers are the foundation of your business success. Keeping your customers satisfied by delivering outstanding customer service is the key to customer retention.

Developing successful customer relationships in every part of your business

Whether you have five customers or 500 — giving each one the attention and support they need is challenging. Using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution helps you effectively manage customer relationships by providing tools that enable you to deliver the greatest customer service.

An ERP with a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) solution gives your employees and sales teams immediate access to accurate, real-time customer data. It’s hard to preserve customer relationships when each employee is working with different data. Still, with an ERP system that has built-in CRM, all of that data is centralized and stored for all teams to access.

Instant data availability enables your business to save money and time while ensuring customer contact accuracy. You can streamline your communications internally so that when you reach out to a customer, everyone within your business is on the same page. You can set reminders for follow-ups and schedule email notifications to customers regarding their status (shipping, activity, etc.). With CRM capabilities linked to your ERP, you position yourself to ensure customer satisfaction and interaction is at the core of your business.

Effectively managing your customer relationships is also about empowering your employees to perform. Your teams need visibility into customer data and communications to be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to serve them. The right ERP solution gives you this visibility—a single source of truth that gathers and stores all data into a central location, available for all employees who need it. This allows any employee to deliver outstanding customer service.

Among all your happy customers, you’ve likely had one or two who have had a bad experience. This happens to the best of us. If you work hard to replace a negative experience with a positive resolution, you protect a loyal customer relationship and future business.  

Businesses have to take loyalty seriously; essentially, if they’re complaining, they care. To keep your customers happy and ensure a successful, profitable relationship in the long-term, you have to address and resolve any issues they may have quickly.

For an industrial manufacturing enterprise, this is mostly about returns. You want an ERP system that has a return feature built into it so that you can deliver the optimum customer service regardless of the issue.

Whether your customer received the wrong item, in the wrong color, or something wasn’t working correctly, an industry-specific ERP enables you to enter and monitor all of your customer-related issues easily. Not only can you track, monitor and communicate the entire work process in one place, but you can also be more responsive to customer requests and concerns. All the information you need is immediately available within your ERP.

Your customers sit at the heart of your business; you need a system that helps you deliver customer service excellence. Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP solutions tie everything together to create holistic pictures of your data. If you want to talk more about how Aptean can help you effectively manage your customer relationships, reach out to our team of industrial manufacturing experts. We’d love to talk.

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