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ERP is a Game Changer for Repair Shop Managers

ERP is a Game Changer for Repair Shop Managers


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ERP is a Game Changer for Repair Shop Managers

Feb 10, 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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With a single, integrated view of their entire business, repair shop managers have become increasingly aware of the important role that ERP software solutions can play in their daily tasks. The connectivity and real-time visibility allow quick response and more accurate decisions as work is completed or tasks are delegated to employees. With features and functionality designed to complement their leadership role, effective decision-making is enhanced by utilizing ERP system software that includes the following:

Automated Alerts

Scheduling predefined alerts allows the identification of potential issues before they become problems – creating the ability to find a solution while there is time to do so. This data monitoring tool, called Automated Alerts, permit the personalized set-up of conditions and KPIs to alert management when certain criteria are, or are not, being met.

For example, due to the importance of profit margins, if a particular job estimate specifies that a repair job should take 2 hours to complete, an automated alert can be set-up to be sent if the repair goes over the estimated time – providing an opportunity to investigate the cause for the overage.


Business reporting software offers a comprehensive view of repair shops that many managers have previously never had available. An ERP solution provides management reports and access to data regarding detailed information about the shop and the business as a whole with interactive dashboards and drag-and-drop features to allow easy analysis of KPI’s.

For repair shops, this can include analysis of individual work centers within the shop to determine profitability or the job performance of particular employees to evaluate efficiency. This information is used to discover opportunities as well as weaknesses in order to provide actionable insight.


With widespread browser and device support, ERP solutions provide the mobility that offers instant access to the entire business, as well as individual job transparency down to the details of each particular completed step. With instant information available from anywhere in real-time, managers have information regarding the current state of the business or the full picture of an in-process or completed repair job – allowing for decision making large and small.


Service repair software with dynamic scheduling provides a capacity-driven module that ensures promise dates are met. The software manages the movement and flow of the shop, concentrating on job details such as required completion time, promise date and allocation of employee resources. Overtime costs are reduced due to the effective management and scheduling of the workload of shop employees. This automated scheduling system decreases the amount of time that shop managers spend addressing scheduling needs.

Planning Boards

Providing managers with a view of operations in one centralized place, Planning Boards offer oversight to ensure that repair jobs are moving at an appropriate pace to meet promise dates. In addition, job purchase Planning Boards provide oversight of the parts needed for received jobs to ensure they are available in inventory or that vendors are delivering parts on time. Adjustments of schedules and other job information can be handled by managers directly from dashboards to facilitate efficiency on the shop floor. 

Helpful features from Aptean such as automated alerts, reporting, mobility, scheduling and Planning Boards for repair shop managers support and enhance decision-making at all levels of your organization. Contact us today for a demonstration of these and other features available in our service repair ERP software.

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